Fate 12, Shana 11, Persona 11

Fate/Zero 12

Torrent | DDL

Shakugan no Shana III 11

Torrent | DDL

Persona 4 11

Torrent | DDL

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20 Responses to “Fate 12, Shana 11, Persona 11”

  1. God says:

    Shouldn’t Archer be in Madoka’s clothes?

  2. SlutMamooth says:

    About time for F/Z.

  3. sto says:

    first! whoo!

  4. Noko says:

    Cool tag bro

  5. Animatrix says:

    The 3 torrents are sloowww… can u give it some nitro?

  6. Adulthood says:

    Yep, thats bot rite

  7. Fag It says:

    Velvet curtains part, champagne falls from the heavens, I watch Persona (in that order).

  8. MecenaryX10A says:

    And the e-trees shall be saved.

  9. Progeusz says:


    cannot be unseen

  10. Asa says:

    We need mahou shoujo Lancer.
    Kimi no haato ni gae borugu!

  11. Beckett says:

    Keisaku, NICE JOB!

    Pretty jelly right now not gonna lie.

  12. Marina says:

    Thanks for all three!

  13. vivant says:

    F/Z + P4 = :D


  14. Alex says:


  15. HVQ says:

    Thanx for the Shana series, keep the good work mate :)

  16. Progeusz says:

    damn you Keisaku
    I mad
    and jelly

  17. Bob says:

    The Persona 4 episode has a green screen. Is there a version 2 on it’s way?