Fate/Zero 6

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26 Responses to “Fate/Zero 6”

  1. nobody says:

    i think i’ll check if fate zero got uploaded

    come here. aww it’s not yet?

    hit f5

    “Fate/Zero 6”

    fuck yeah

  2. Claudia says:

    Love the picture! Thanks for the episode :)

  3. Vash says:

    Thank you.
    Bye bye.

  4. tech says:

    oh i checked it also every minute. Thank you! This anime season is full of win!

  5. somebody says:

    … that image is so wrong saber hates gilgamesh’s guts nice quality but i almost barf at the thought

    • Break says:

      ….you do know that gilgamesh loves/is obsessed with saber later on right? she is pretty much his main motivation for his actions 10 years later.

      • ACrazyOldMan says:

        “Saber hates Gilgamesh”

        • Break says:

          yeah because hes such an arrogant ass towards her… if he took an example of shirou and properly treated her as a woman instead of an object, shed have no reason to hate him anymore… so im positive shed like fate/hollow ataraxia’s shouta-gil, since his personality improves after taking that youth potion (though it stays relatively okay even after growing to his normal size again, so maybe he had really reconciled himself and saw his own mistakes?) Gil is just a person who gets all assholery when hes on his own too much. remember, he only went downhill during his lifetime after enkidu’s death
          so if he had someone to talk to and do fun stuff with, instead of a boring man like tokiomi and a weirdo like kirei, he’d prolly stop acting like an ass.

  6. SillyCow says:

    Normally a lion.
    Now it’s Saber.
    Oh, wait.


  7. Baka-chan says:

    Screw the show, I only come here for the pictures!

  8. Fayt says:

    LOL it should’ve be saber’s lion plushie

  9. ExplodingLemons says:

    Saber lion ftw!!!

    But saber lion should be in my lap not Gil’s

  10. Daniel says:

    Tomorrow you guys are releasing UN-go right

  11. Shawn263241 says:

    I see what you did there, Commie.

  12. Evangeline says:

    thanks for release .lol.

  13. smiles says:

    thanks so much. time to watch

  14. waurgh says:


  15. waurgh says:

    oh also thanks for the release I GUESS

  16. Romdeau says:

    What the hell is this blasphemous picture, disgusting.

  17. Marina says:

    MMMmmmMM to episode…
    blaurghhhh to post pic

  18. FSN says:


  19. erejnion says:

    >this pic

    best nasuverse related shoop ever

    also, Ungo where?

  20. Mirai Nikki says:


  21. jet says:

    hahahha! nice pic.. and thank you always….

  22. abortedfetus says:

    I was fixing to check out the anime when I saw the pic, but then I read the comments.