Fate/zero 7


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13 Responses to “Fate/zero 7”

  1. Sharm says:

    Yay Zero! And booyah Extra Caster moe~!!

  2. XerBlade says:

    Most awesome release post pic ever.
    Also, why is it still so hard to find images with Female MC in them when that game originally came out over a year ago?

  3. Kimor says:

    spent the whole week waiting for this :X

    and woot, a fate/extra image! xD

  4. Conan_Edogawa says:

    Downloading now. Looking forward to watching it. Also, i greatly approve of that image. Caster Extra is adorable.

  5. XerBlade says:

    And it’s appropriate since the episode is about Caster playing tag and the image is about Caster getting caught.

  6. PaulNamida says:

    Caster Extra <3. Thanks for the release ^w^

  7. Progeusz says:

    Can someone tell what’s the point of releasing F/z when there’s UTW…? Better release UN-GO translated only by Doki.

  8. mizuha says:

    [x] touch fluffy tail

  9. vivant says:

    Thank you for the new F/Z! =)

  10. Overlord says:

    Oh Caster, y u no gibb me Rank R Matrix?


    [x] touch fluffy tail

  11. AMg says:

    Doujin tentacle rape cometh. LOL

    The censored violence/gore part irks me. Because it involves kill the children, I guess.

    Anyway, it pays to do some reading on the Servants Heroic history to know a bit what’s and who’s i.e Gilles de Rais obsession on Joan d’Arc and so on.

  12. niggers says:


    we ever gonna see those t&b or steins blurays?