Fate/Zero 9

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14 Responses to “Fate/Zero 9”

  1. erephy says:

    Epic pic is epic..

  2. Hakumen says:


  3. shitstorm says:


  4. ExplodingLemons says:

    Thanks for the release and great pic haha

  5. Selecao says:

    That pic… (* ̄▽ ̄*)

    Would he really do that?

  6. XerBlade says:

    Hey, I just found that pic yesterday. What a coincidence. Or not as much, but hey…

  7. Zaki says:

    I like.

  8. vivant says:

    LOL the pic! XD
    Thank you so much~

  9. TheDeadlyFuzz says:

    Not a fan of Commie audio quality but UTW is so slow in comparison.

  10. kuroi says:

    Lancer no ecchi

  11. AMg says:

    LOL. Oh, Lancer. I’m speechless… O_o

    Did the death flag had been raised in this episode?

  12. oBb says:

    he doesnt see anything anyway, not with her legs angled like that and that towel around her waist/ass/tighs.

    maybe he’s taking a scent sample or something…

  13. fruit punch samurai says:

    Does anybody else have any problems playing this with VLC 1.1.11? All I get is a green screen?