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Some extra cool facts below for people who might care.

List of dictionaries referenced in order of appearance:

Sea of Words (genkai/言海) by Otsuki Fumihiko
Iwanami Japanese Dictionary (iwanami kokugo jiten/岩波国語辞典)
The Great Passage (daitokai/大渡海) – This is the dictionary they’re making in the show. It’s not based on a real one, though the name is a reference to The Great Sea of Words (daigenkai/大言海) also by Otsuki Fumihiko. And of course, the English translation of the name is used for the official English title of the anime/movie.
Kojien (広辞苑) – This is the dictionary Hiroshi is based on (the first kanji can also be read “Hiroshi”).
Daijirin (大辞林) – This is the dictionary Rinta is based on.
Daijisen (大辞泉) – This is the dictionary Sen is based on.
Kai is of course based on the titular dictionary Daitokai.
Shogakukan’s Japanese Dictionary (nihon kokugo daijiten/日本国語大辞典)

Of course, many other dictionaries are shown in the background.

Majime’s name (and the kanji used to write it) are also explained at ~19:10, though it’s basically impossible to include it in the subs directly. The kanji used to write his name (馬締) come from the phrase “馬の元締め” which means “horse manager”. Like the subs say, it became sort of a nickname for people who ran wholesale stores back in the Edo days because they looked after horses for travelers. Of course, as mentioned at ~8:00, the more common use of the word majime is serious/honest/hardworking/etc. Also, the reason Nishioka struggles at ~7:50 is because Majime’s name is pretty uncommon (only about 50 people in all of Japan have it).

And as a final note, it’s entirely possible that some very liberal translations will be required to find words with similar definitions/meanings in English compared to Japanese. Like at ~20:12, the Japanese doesn’t actually say “anatomical term” or “abstractly,” but the word island has different meanings in the two languages so the translation needed some actual alternative meanings. Translating it literally wouldn’t make any sense as it’d read “stripes, the English word ‘island,’ or the place called ‘Shima.'” Of course I’ll try to use close translations when possible, but it’s hard to say if that’ll always be achievable.

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