Fune wo Amu 06

( `ー´)

herkz: this episode is lewd as heck

The only note this week is about the kanji 業. It has three readings, all of which are mentioned in the episode.

Most commonly is gyou, which means business/vocation and is used in the definition of chef Majime finds in the old dictionary. That’s why it makes him think back to Matsumoto’s explanation from before.

The second most common reading is gou, which is the Japanese translation for “karma.”

The last reading is waza, which is deeds or work as mentioned in the episode. Like in English (and probably Sanskrit too), karma can also refer to one’s deeds or work, so it worked out quite nicely for the translation.

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  1. Basswoon says:

    Holy hell, this was literally everything I’ve ever wanted from an episode of anime.

    Welp, off to buy another tub of chamois cream.