Fune wo Amu 10


skiddiks: how are you guys enjoying this year’s @skiddmas?
rcombs: >skiddiks
jdp: >rcombs
iamevn: >ebn
skiddiks: lay off, boys, Kyhzna is MINE >:)
herkz: RIP the animation in this show

The words Majime starts listing at 9:50 are all in “alphabetical” order in the dictionary they’re making. Unfortunately, that’s not even close to true for English. Instead, I started with a literal translation of the first word (aerodynamics) and then copied the next 14 words from a dictionary I have on hand. If you want to know the literal meaning of the words he said, I’ve listed them below.

Air cooling
Air guitar
Air program (?)
Air chamber
Air purifier
Air conditioning
Airborne infection
A respectful word for the death of an aristocrat
Temporary residence
A Buddhist term for reaching enlightenment by giving up all worldly attachments (?)
Air lift
Impromptu poem
The sound of snoring or grumbling

Some of these might be wrong because the captions for this section is written in all hiragana and a few of these words can mean multiple things.

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  1. Anon says:

    Wow remember all those names?

  2. A_Blind_Man says:

    #skiddiksmas #makechinesecartoonsgreatagain #profit?

  3. Sticker says:

    Any update on Zaregoto, herkz-kun?