“Future” releases but old now

Due to some people taking a well deserved break some stuff is slightly stuck. However we are working on it. Stuff to be released SOONâ„¢:

Kuroshitsuji 2 05 Released: Kuroshitsuji 2 05 – CRC of filename is wrong it should be 7748FD97
Nurarihyon no Mago 04 Released: Nurarihyon no Mago 04
Occult Academy 04 Released: Occult Academy 04
Asobi ni Ikuyo! 03 Released: Asobi ni Ikuyo! 03
Shiki 03 Released: Shiki 03
Shiki 04 Released
Legend of the Legendary Heroes 05 Released
Campanella 4
Campanella 5

This will not be updated any more.

Asobi ni Ikuyo!
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40 Responses to ““Future” releases but old now”

  1. Zaton says:

    No Legend of Legendary legends ? ;[

  2. Duke Nukem says:

    When it’s done.

  3. SpeedStar5 says:

    SOONâ„¢ lol

    Looking forward to Occult Academy and Shiki :3

  4. Master Shadow says:

    *cough* sHiki *cough*

  5. Errr says:

    What about LOLH?

  6. Samshel says:

    Hope you don’t take much time, Shiki 03 was a pain in the eyes with all the bad subbing :(

  7. gulag says:

    wanna clear your backlog? go finish the last two Natsu no Arashi Akinai Chuu episodes I’ve been waiting since like forever. Pretty please?

  8. Sock says:

    You guys haven’t released Legends of Legendary Heroes episode 5 yet :(

  9. Basement Dad says:

    *Sigh* 3/4 of the delayed shows I’m leeching from you :-(.
    @Samshel: Who? Horriblesubs or what group do you say is crappy?
    Just to know that I avoid the crappy ones.

    • Samshel says:

      Some fansub called umee, it’s like new, but I wanted so much to watch Shiki :S

      It’s not like the fonts are horrible, but the translation is not well done.

  10. stormsworder says:

    strike witches where?

  11. brett says:

    So, that House of Five Leaves episode 1 and the batch are never going to get done are they?

  12. Jeff Goldblum says:

    SOONâ„¢, a WoW joke about Blizzard. And what country has a lot of blizzards? Russia, which is home to communism. And commie is another term for communist, which is also the name of this fansub group. And what do commies like you have a lot of? Nuclear weapons! Wait a minute…

    I got it! You guys are the production staff for Duke Nukem Forever!

    Oh we’ll never see these episodes released now…

  13. Shampoo says:

    use someone else for strike witches, i’m pretty sure they won’t continue it without me. SW 3 wasn’t released because of errors in the transport stream, but the script is done. i’m going out on a limb and saying no one even bothered to do a script for episode 4.

    i’d say sorry, but….

  14. SvenVolfeid says:

    Are you guys still doing Heroman or has it been dropped?

  15. birdmann1010 says:

    Umee just released shiki 04, but it’s so horrible that even glimpsing at it burns my retinas.
    If you release shiki 03 soon, my optometrist will thank you.

  16. Reaper says:

    Has funimation delayed the 3rd shiki’s episode for one week or I’m just seeing things?

  17. Fag It says:

    Can’t wait for your B★RS release. You guys still intending to finish Durarara or are you over it?

    • aethon says:

      we’ll bother our tl’s about BRS.

      durrrrrrr is one of the more ambiguous listings on our backlog. my guess is we’ll roll it out eventually, along with heroman, but i wouldn’t hold my breath.

      • outlaw says:

        Well, Durarara has been finished by at least one group, whereas we only have HorribleSubs for Heroman.

        Did any ever do karaoke for the second OP/ED?

  18. White.cat says:

    i hope you guys will release shiki 3/4 soon, can’t wait for it xP

  19. mute says:

    Shiki has been released by a fairly decent group, gogo legendary heroes=p

    • ☭ThatOneGuy☭ says:

      Last Thing I’m waiting for.

      Shiki’s a bit to weird for me ☭

  20. James says:

    Why the XDCC doesn’t work for me? can anyone give me the link

  21. Mute says:


  22. Death_Reaper says:

    Shiki and LOL heroes waiting patiently for release .

  23. Kokusho says:

    Can this post be stickied?