Gatchaman Crowds 01


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  1. Danuchiha99 says:

    Did you guys manage to find out what the singer in the OP says?

  2. DivaN says:

    oh, tnx god.
    i was waiting for a proper fansub to translate this one.

    tnx alot. ^^

  3. Zan says:

    Girl is into scissors. lel

  4. anon says:

    What’s with the shoggoth in the swimsuit?

  5. johnny_dickpants says:


  6. Shawn263241 says:

    Haha, thanks.

  7. Kiyoso says:

    No matter how you think of it, girl in a swimsiut is Saya.

    And what means ‘DxS a shit’? I’m not american so…

  8. Evil Midnight Lurker says:

    Why “Go, Bird!” instead of “Bird GO!”? It’s been Bird GO! for forty years!

    • herkz says:

      because “Bird Go” sounds worse than “Go, Bird” in english. not to mention they mean different things

      • Sume Gai says:

        It’s the traditional Gatchaman transformation call and works perfectly in English if taken as an imperative.

        “Bird, Go!” would be someone emphatically instructing the bird to go which matches perfectly with the intent of a transformation call.

        • herkz says:

          yes i know it’s from the original

          i don’t care though because it sounds dumb

          CR agrees with me since they’re the ones that changed it, and this show is translated by one of their best translators, so i think they’re probably much more qualified than any of us to say what’s the best translation of the line

          • Sume Gai says:

            I fail to see how much better or worse either sounds. As for CR I’d not use their initial subs as a reference for any sort of official decision, I’ve seem them change their subs post release quite often and don’t know how involved they are with the production companies.

            In fact the ADV Dub of the original show uses “Bird Go” and I know that the Japanese companies tend to have a large degree of input in dub choices.

            “Bird Go” is neither Grammatically incorrect (if such even matters in the context of a transformation call) nor even particularly engrish-y. How stupid it sounds is entirely a matter of opinion, one I (and likely others) would dispute.

            • herkz says:

              i don’t see how CR’s translation is not as official as it gets

              anyway you are free to watch another release that didn’t change it. oh wait that’s none of them

              if you don’t like it and can’t convince me or anyone else that it’s wrong and to change it, maybe you should just sub it yourself or stop arguing

              • Sume Gai says:

                Exactly as I said, CR tends to change their subs over time, I used to subscribe and know this from personal experience. I have a hard time believing Tatsunoko would want to alter the classic catchphrase and simply hadn’t as yet.

                Perhaps I’m wrong and CR has a large amount of input from the studios they lisence from but I haven’t heard much about their internal methodology.

                Furthermore there’s no need to be an ass about this. I had hoped as a fansub group you would be receptive to the requests of fans.

                • herkz says:

                  in my experience CR rarely ever goes back to fix things, even when they really should fix typos and such, generally because they’re only paid to do the streaming part, and someone else is paying for the subs for the eventual DVD release. i however doubt they care what Tatsunoko thinks, because CR is clearly much more experienced with translating/English. not to mention the original phrase is like 40 years old

                  anyway, CR does talk to people about how to translate things, but it’s generally whoever the producer is or who is licensing it to CR, which is this case is the TV station (NTV)

                  also i will gladly take requests if you can back up your request with logic. just saying “well, it was originally that way” or “it sounds better” isn’t going to cut it

                  • Sume Gai says:

                    If you truly intend to listen then here are a pair of reasons you should consider this.

                    1. Tradition: I know you don’t buy this one but it is important, to the studios and to fans. (I promise you can think of some such traditions that matter to you) Calling them Gatchaman,the name Joe, the phrase Bird Go are call backs and ones that have been echoed more recently than 40 years ago. I never said “Bird Go” sounds better but I feel it isn’t grammatically incorrect nor worse than “Go Bird” In the case where both are equal (IMO) I feel Tradition should get at least a token nod.

                    2. Dissonance: reading Go Bird when the characters are loudly and clearly saying Bird Go breaks the flow, It reminds one that the translations can be wrong. (whether they are or are not is beside the point) but it does cause people to stop and ask.

                    As for what the studio matters; It’s their work, that they know and treasure. They spent the months writing storyboarding and animating. They know better than anyone the intent behind the series, given lines, official romanizations etc. Furthermore do not underestimate their potential understanding of English, Sunrise for, example, put out a series packed with good English text and phrases (Tiger and Bunny). Basic English mistakes (if bird go is indeed engrish) would not persist by mere ignorance.

                    • brainchild says:

                      >do not underestimate their potential understanding of English


                    • herkz says:

                      if you wanna argue tradition, i think normally in these kinds of things people say “Go, X!”

                      your second point is irrelevant because it happens all the time with translation

                      and in my experience anime studios are horrendous at english and have no idea how to use it