Gatchaman Crowds insight 12 END

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herkz: this is a good anime you should probably watch it

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  1. Jesus says:

    Thank you Commie and I think so too, herkz.
    I’m really glad I watched this. It made me remember all the times the internet mobs would crusade against someone who said something “inappropiate” and just ruined their lives. Now I’m scared of ever having a public image.

    • Jesus says:

      Whoops, forgot to mention the main reason I enjoyed this series: this series made me re-evaluate what I thought about politicians and internet crusaders. I realized that politicians are a good damper on change, sometimes too good, and internet crusaders are regular people caught up in the moment, not psychos.

      • anonymous says:

        While it touched heavily on those topics, i think there was an underlying trope on mass psychology heavily exemplified through the subjects of politics and social media. At the same time it is true that unity and peace should be sought throughout society via a vast array of subjects (world hunger, world peace, cures for terminal illnesses etc), it is also true that at the same time, the direction that society chooses to go en masse is not always the direction that is best for them.

        Politicians rely heavily (if not the only reliable source) on their constituents to market their agenda and push their message across until it becomes reality. Sometimes (rarely, sometimes) it may be for the good of the people, but ultimately nine times out of ten there is a lobbyist with a deep cash lined pocket behind the origin of said pushed message. Whether said constituents know about this or not, the fact that they continue to support them because their fellow co-constituents continue to support them is mass psychology at work.

        On the other side of the spectrum we have the (and i use the air quotes heavily here) “S J W’s”, “internet {x} Machines”, or what have you, “voicing” the divide between the people that run the show and the people who watch it. While in some cases their message is just, the majority of times it is pushed around violently, leaving the people who view it shell-shocked to the point that their rationality is put on pause. At this point in time, they either become upset because their point of view on the matter being discussed doesn’t mesh with the one being portrayed and vehemently try to destroy the “messenger”, or they either completely agree with them and become awashed in the wave of other people’s outcry’s of support. Again, both instances in which mass psychology can be blamed.

        Looking at the bigger picture, the production of Insight was literally funded by pro-Nippon propaganda and while nationalism itself isn’t always a bad thing (anyone can be for or against the country they live in), the message being pushed (or the one i saw at least) at the end here gave me a bit of a chuckle. Hajime touted time and time again during the season that being the same isn’t always a good thing, Jou mentioned that it creates stagnation, even Katze was afraid of the “atmosphere” that Gel brought with his mantra of “oneness”. Yet what do they do for the conclusion? They hold a mass vote on social media to let the politicians decide the fate of Gel. Because there is nothing else that puts a mind at ease than knowing that your homeland should be run by the same kind of people who got kicked out in favor of a stool pigeon voted in by the same people who just kicked out the former administration.

        Nippon 2 Stronk in the mass psychology game.

        This was 9/10 in the meta-psychological departmnent,

        10/10 in Hajime’s Hajime’s department,

        She was annoying at first but god i would ram my cock gently down Tsubasa’s throat hole, 8/10 would fap to doujins department

        And a surprising 10/10 in Ayana Hirano’s range with Pai Pai, might be some of her best work showing off her range.


  2. shaddrag says:

    Thanks for the great work this season!