GC 16, Chiha 18, Natsume 6

Guilty Crown 16

Chihayafuru 18

Natsume Shi 6

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41 Responses to “GC 16, Chiha 18, Natsume 6”

  1. Shin says:

    Thank You!!

  2. Erem says:

    no ddl?

  3. liliff says:

    Damn quick! Thanks guys. Too bad I can’t watch until tomorrow morning since I have to leave for work Q_Q

  4. Anonon says:

    Why are your torrents always slow as balls? Guess I need to wait another 10 hours or so before the speed goes up.

  5. Arisato-kun says:

    Thanks, but, I know you say you don’t drop shows, but it seems Zero no Tsukaima is already 2 episodes ahead of what you’ve got out.

    Are you going to keep subbing it, or am I going to have to go watch another groups? Been waiting a while now…

  6. mascthemoney says:

    scarves make you fucking badass…. fact.

  7. Bootypants says:

    Thanks for the release broooos, btw is gg site down for anyone else

  8. Potsky says:

    THANKS!! Waiting for badass Shu.. :D

  9. macxxx007 says:

    Konofucka… awesome pic

    Thanks Commie for the subs and the episodes… YOU HAVE YOURSELVES A GOOD WEEKEND!


  10. AyuReady says:

    Where is Zero no Tsukaima F? Thanks for Natsume and Guilty Crown!

  11. NoName says:


  12. DarkBoySabata says:

    Inu x Boku SS 05 next plz kthx

  13. vivant says:

    WOAH I came home and my three favorite shows are waiting! XD
    Thank you so much Commie!!! ^^

  14. Fag It says:

    Oh glorious Guilty Crow! My body is ready!

  15. chanbo14 says:

    thank you!

  16. Elly says:

    Thank you very much!

  17. Alexy says:

    Thanks Commie but where’s
    Fam fan fan ???

  18. Bluey says:

    Thank you! More Natsume!

  19. ma says:

    Recent episodes of Chihayafuru were really fast! Thank you very much.

  20. Progeusz says:


    Chihayafuru ftw.

  21. Mamad says:


    thanks for GC release. I’m translating this show to Persian and I saw your 9gag-like comments that was awesome! domo arigato^^

    • fucking grey lettters on blue bacjground says:

      >9gag like comments

      what the fuck am i reading?

      please go back to reddit.

  22. Anonymous says:

    what’s going on with nurarihyon?

  23. v says:

    > Well, well. For a second there I thought you had guys showing yourself

    isn’t it “you had guts”?

  24. AMg says:

    GC become more and more like Lord of the Flies. And both “them” are still alive.

    “Kill the Pig!”

  25. Bian says:

    Thank you!