GC 19, ZnTF 7, Chihaya 21, SnSIII 20

Guilty Crown 19

Zero no Tsukaima Final 7

Chihayafuru 21

Shakugan no Shana III 20

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38 Responses to “GC 19, ZnTF 7, Chihaya 21, SnSIII 20”

  1. Progeusz says:

    Weekly dose of DROPPED, no care, best show and lolbattles. Good enough.

  2. Progeusz says:

    you messed up your link to Shana, just sayin’

  3. Alesianduke says:


  4. Shawn263241 says:

    Last Exile where?

    • herkz says:

      find someone to edit it

      • noctis says:

        edit the script? i’ll do it

      • Shawn263241 says:

        What kind of sub group doesn’t have an editor available for the shows they sub? lol

        • herkz says:

          the kind where none of the other editors are watching the show and the original editor is busy or something and hasn’t been around

        • Xythar says:

          We have like 10 editors but the guy who edits Last Exile isn’t around and nobody else wants to work on it.

          Being a douchebag on the internet is a great way to get people to do things for you, though, so good call there

          • Shawn263241 says:

            Hey now, I was just asking a question. Last Exile is my favorite anime this season and Commie is my favorite active source of anime, so the delays kind of get to me.

            At any rate, it seems having one editor for a show and no back ups is a bad idea. But I suppose editors don’t grow on trees, so there isn’t much point in complaining.

            • johnny_dickpants says:

              Generally, we’ll switch someone out if they’re being slow, but airco’s done LE since the beginning and he hasn’t said anything about switching out.

            • herkz says:

              That’s what we do except none of the other editors watch the show.

        • KuroLoli says:

          A sub group made of humans with kids, work, school, and other responsibilities…

          or humans who procrastinate.
          Either way, they be being busy.

  5. Impetus says:

    Thanks for the release!

  6. Kyhz says:

    Shakugan no racial slur

  7. ooka3 says:

    Thanks! :)

  8. E3 foundation says:

    Did you stop saving E-trees or something?

  9. JBX says:

    getting lots of bad data for Shana torrent :/

  10. Recently says:

    Wow. they did it. They are somehow gonna salvage shoe by giving him a “heroic” death.

    Dunno why this pisses me off even more, haha.

    • Csiko says:

      Weren’t you paying attention? Shu was driving the cart. Did you think Inori would just point her yarn at the sky?

    • AMg says:

      If he really die in the end of the series, I will be glad. If he doesn’t;

      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      Nah… That doesn’t worth my rage. It just a story.

      Gai’s betrayal? Since Yuuichi Nakamura voiced Hazama/Yuuki Terumi in BlazBlue, I wouldn’t be surprise he will betray the Undertaker some point in the series.

      Shu regain his Void Genome power? The second OP gives you an ample hints on that. You don’t to be fan to know that.


  11. Fag It says:

    Guilty Crown? …My void is ready.

  12. macxxx007 says:

    Oh… so many things to say… AND HERE THEY ARE!

    GC: Nice… thanks for sticking with this show
    ZnT: I had a feeling
    Chihayafuru: THE PLOT THICKENS!

    Thanks so much for the episodes!


  13. Robotik says:

    This is a happiness producer.


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  15. TRIVIA:

    The Voice actors for Shu and Inori are also the voices for Amata Sora and Mikono Suzushiro, the two big lead characters in Aquarion EVOL.


  16. oBb says:


  17. vivant says:

    I’ll drown myself in GC as soon as I come home. Big thanks to Commie!

  18. CODE-A says:

    now I can ‘flame’ happily after getting my GC dose~

  19. Sphiron says:

    Finally, Guilty crown had a decent episode

  20. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  21. Fey Got Ree says:

    There was an episode of Persona this week, right? I haven’t seen a single mention of it across the Internet and I’m not sure if I’m crazy for missing it, or just had terrible luck.

    Either way, thanks for your hard work, Commie.

    Please respond.

  22. guenthar says:

    What happened to Symphogear?

  23. Ahmed Mohammed says:

    Shana is currently at 21, and znt is at 9. What planet you guys from? I get that less shows=less donations but seriously.