GC 7

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Enjoy your poultry as I eat my ramen noodles and sip my soup of chicke- shit that’s poultry too isn’t it.

Well, whatever. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Jimmy Wales says:

    didn’t you upload it with the wrong account?

  2. Elly says:

    Thank you for the release! Happy Thanksgiving, Commie!

  3. Shoe says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  4. Csiko says:

    Dude you raised almost $500.

    Go get turkey flavored ramen.

    And gravy.

  5. NoName says:

    Thanks for subbing this today. Happy thanksgiving!

    Shu’s mother has “lifted” my spirits.

  6. Loli-pop says:

    yay! <3

  7. Kaidaten says:

    Miss, I’m afraid that turkey is upside down.

  8. Alen says:

    thanks man

  9. Alarisia says:

    Awesome EP thanks for the great release especially for it being on Thanksgiving!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Ronja says:

    Funny, i start the episode and there are no subtitels and no, my player is fine.

    • yu says:

      Yeah the DDL for this seems to have no subs; I tried with MPC and several other players and it’s a no-go

    • Zoom says:

      I’m having timing errors too. particularly in the op and somewhere in the middle of the episode. Audio and subs are a bit lagging behind. I tested it on a different computer, updated the codec.. still the same. I’ve never had this problem with Commie’s release before. :\

      • Zoom says:

        ok im not really sure what happened but sometimes the timing is fine and sometimes not.. oh well. :\

  11. Basroil says:

    Soup of chicken shit doesn’t sound particularly appetizing.

  12. Fag It says:

    This and eggnog will save me from succumbing to tryptophan.

  13. Mushyrulez says:

    Give your thanks to ramen, otherwise you’d be eating, like, noodles and shit.


  14. yubisakimilktea(shiki) says:

    i get inori houses the childhood friend of shu inside her, or something along those lines. but i was under the impression she(real inori), not hated, but had no intention of being even friends with shu after episode 5… now it feels like episode 5 never happened… “i was told to run after you and act like i cared”… what happened to that?! i feel like they made a huge left turn but acted like they took a right… for now ill go with “shes bipolar and a chronic liar”

    thanks for the release

  15. nx6 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for saving us from Krappy Subs’ release.

  16. holo says:

    Nice to see we can also get current events reports while watching this series. At view time (20:15) it appears there was an estimated 3.1 magnitude earthquake at 10 km depth epicentered in Fukushima prefecture (Tohoku area) at 2:39 (local time)

    Guess it wasn’t such a ‘good fortune island’ Thanksgiving for Fukushima (ーー;)

  17. The Moondoggie says:

    “Enjoy your poultry as I eat my ramen noodles and sip my soup of chicke- shit that’s poultry too isn’t it.”

    Enjoy your ramen and chicken something… We’re not having just some big decendant of dodos: We also have barbecued sirloin. And muffins. And mashed-potatoes.

    But please be noted: I’m not paying for any of this so I can’t give you guys donations…

  18. C says:

    I don’t understand why you translated “日本人” to “jap” whenever Dan said it.

    • Jukey says:

      Editor taking too many liberties with the script. “we’ll fix it in the batch”

      • airco says:

        More like “Editor not really giving a shit and mad that he couldn’t fit ‘Go home and be a family man’ into the American guy’s lines”.

  19. vivant says:

    A very happy Thanksgiving with GC. Thank you!

  20. miniman says:

    Hey what’s with the comment-deleting? I’m just slightly worried and wanted to know what the status on Mirai Nikki is like.
    Even though I don’t want to question your powerful and wisely-used censoring skills answer would be great :D

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      I’m tired of shitty comments like “where is anime x?”. 2/3 of the comments are nothing but this half the time. If you ever want to know the status of something, come on IRC and ask and hope no one’s on their man period.

      As to your question, Mirai 5 is done, 6 is at typesetting, and 7 is at timing, if it’s done encoding.

      • miniman says:

        Overwhelmed by joy, at the same time being deeply embarrassed and apologizing for time-wasting and not realizing the IRC option, I will never ask stupid questions again and instead keep on admiring your great work :)

  21. Ronja says:

    Couldnt you bring out another release or so? Every 10-bit episode works fine, just this one doesnt.

  22. Jellyblob says:

    ### Speculatory Spoilers ###
    ### Read at own discretion ###

    I suspect she’s a genetic clone from Gai talking about her resemblance to a familiar human, and how she said Gai has given her a name when she had nothing (cos she was merely a doll at the start).
    About the hating Shu:
    Who wouldn’t?! Jokes aside, I think she likes him due to lingering affections but she has a reason to push him away, she feels she doesn’t deserve his affection – perhaps cos she’s just a doll or that she is only a copy of Shu’s late(?) childhood friend, and he would only see childhood-chan, not Inori.