Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku – My Teenage RomCom SNAFU TOO! 08


skiddiks: blame zeroj for any delays

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35 Responses to “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku – My Teenage RomCom SNAFU TOO! 08”

  1. Yolo says:

    Hype hype hype

  2. SatanAnus says:

    Based commie <3
    I love you guys so much

  3. Dankmeister says:

    Downloading at the speed of fiber. Plebs with no upload need not apply.

  4. Parad0xMeltd0wn says:


  5. Halp says:

    that tears of 8man ;_;

  6. Dankmeister says:

    – 08 [88888888].mkv


  7. Anon says:

    The peak of the season ;_;

  8. HA says:


  9. Dante says:

    anyone notice that the teachers car had the wheel on the wrong side?

    • skiddiks says:

      what are imports

      • Catastrophe says:

        Its dumb since Aston Martin is a british car, hence the original import would still have it on the right side, that means that sensei didnt import her as intended but from some dumb middleman.

        (my carfaggotry is showing, i know, fuck right off)

  10. Nigger-kun says:

    Thanks again.

  11. Onii-sama says:

    Dat CRC…

  12. Hachiman says:

    Ohh God… this episode made me cry.

  13. hikigaya_haru says:

    Preach it!

  14. Catastrophe says:

    My feels hurt, send help ;_;

  15. Crimson7 says:

    Stuido FEEL indeed.

    Oh, and please tell me that CRC is real.

  16. keemeef~ says:

    Need moar of sensei’s dere side though…

  17. Name says:

    Most boring episode of the series.
    Also most “over animated” thing I’ve ever seen ( if that even means something)

  18. shaddrag says:

    How is CR’s video in comparison? Any chance you guys are gonna batch and replace the video?

    • herkz says:

      why the hell would we ever do that? have you heard of these things called “BDs”?

  19. Sky says:

    Good sub guys. Thanks for it.

  20. scineram says:

    How the fuck did you make that CRC? Carefully hidden frames of “Obey”, “Consume” and “Watch Anime”?

  21. fgsf says:

    Thanks Commie.

  22. sinner08910 says:

    Cum me! <3