[gg-Commie-Ryuumaru] Katanagatari – 01

Origin of Project:

<[Chihiro-SFW] joint drama here>

<RHExcelion> anyways on the subject of joints
<RHExcelion> i think its time for another commie-something-somethingelse-lolwtfisthisshit joint

<more scheming>

<cryptw> freya: want to be in a 9001-way joint?
<freya> … what
<cryptw> your job can be to sit there in the filename
<freya> oh, ok

<cryptw> this is gonna be the hugest clusterfuck ever

Why gg loves hates us:

<Kanae> [hihi ^_^] – [gg-Commie-Ryuumaru-Tsubaki-DotA-Rage-O-L-Kanketsu-Hen-Testarossa-BulletBuster-Exe] Katanagatari – 01 [2651B538].mkv – /MSG Kanae XDCC SEND 192
<RHExcelion> awesome
<valkyrie> time to go post on gg’s webpage saying i have no idea what that is
<RHExcelion> D:


<valkyrie> well you faggots took
<valkyrie> like
<valkyrie> 9hrs
<valkyrie> to do “stuff”
<valkyrie> and it was a hilarious clusterfuck for the few hours i was in here
Mission Success.
( ´・‿-) ~ ♥

Edit 1: v2 ( ゚◡◡゚)

Edit 2: v3 ( ¯3¯)

Edit 3: v4 (゚Дº)

Edit 4: v5 (╬ಠ益ಠ)

Edit 5: v6 ( ´A`)

Edit 6: v7 (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

Edit 7: v8 (;´д⊂)

Edit 8: v9 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

Edit 9: Okay fuck it 12 versions = too much work.


The Real Deal:



Edit 9001: Oh yeah btw, we’re still recruiting translators for this, drop  by #[email protected] or make a comment here.

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21 Responses to “[gg-Commie-Ryuumaru] Katanagatari – 01”

  1. anon says:

    dat name

  2. lsass says:

    gg used that post as announcements category


  3. Broseph says:

    A patch to update v2 into v3!

  4. sage1210 says:

    I not understand why gg said this is a lie because they not know anything about it.


    What is the true ?

  5. BigBadBorg says:

    That group name is epic!

  6. McCool009 says:

    Your and idiot.

  7. muh says:

    Katana monogatari, oniichan.

  8. commander`A says:

    Even though I was present when all of this were happening, it still managed to make me choke on my coffee.

  9. balance says:

    what the hell is v3 for?

  10. Edward says:

    v3 to v4 patch please

  11. Cyc says:

    I am surprised this wasn’t named v4 :P but patching is no fun redownloading 780MB over and over again is where it’s at :P. This has all highly amused me…I hope the episode is half as entertaining as the making of it :P

    • Tatsukun says:

      We aim to troll. After all the show is called Trollagatanari.

      Was fun to watch people chasing after the “latest version” all day. Doubt we’ll do it on future episodes though because it’s too much work.

  12. are you going to release a v13 with a proper translation?

    • SHICHIKA DESU says:

      It should be coming, either before episode 2 airs or at some point during the wait for episode 3. Also, look forward to v14 with proper artwork/animation and v15 with proper voice-acting. If we have the time we will do v16 which will scrap the original storyline altogether and replace it with the story for Bakemonogatari episode 14.

  13. Ninja says:

    will you guys be subbing episode 2 with the same raw used for 1? If possible, let me know. I’m waiting for someone else besides mazui but if no one else will sub it, I have no choice but to watch mazui subs.

    Thanks for you hard work.

    • rhexcelion says:

      We would like to, but our translator died or something. (we don’t really know what happened to him, he hasn’t been online for a month)