Ghost in the Shell Arise Alternative Architecture 09

( ゚‿ゝ゚)

herkz: Episodes 1-8 are the 4 Arise movies we already subbed if you weren’t aware, which is why we’re starting with episode 9.

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14 Responses to “Ghost in the Shell Arise Alternative Architecture 09”

  1. valor says:

    Thank god, The funishit was unwatchable

    • cptodd says:

      I thought it was just me. I was so god damn confused. Will watching the 1-8 that the good folks at Commie subbed help?

  2. anon-kun says:

    No extra scenes on those first eight?

  3. Bodzio says:

    It’s yours TL, or Funi edit?

  4. Cezar says:

    The extra content was bretty good.

  5. anon-tan says:

    If it’s 10 episodes long why’s it marked as completed?

    Also thanks for this. I couldn’t stand FUNi’s hardsubbed, bitrate-starved crap.

    • herkz says:

      because i messed up the episode count adding it to showtimes and lae didn’t fix it before the episode was released.

  6. KannaBlis says:

    Whoa! Haven’t been on the site in a while and I’m glad I checked. Didn’t realize Ghost in the Shell Arise was going to be longer than 3 movies (or 8 episodes, so confusing). I say 3 movies ’cause I don’t think I caught the 4th.

    Anyway, THANK YOU For All the Work you all do!
    (How come Space Dandy never got finished?)

  7. shaddrag says:

    So, a 5th one is coming in August, will you guys be doing that one, too?

    Any idea if it will just be 9 and 10 put together or will it be an hour with extra content like the rest?