Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Cour 2 Batch

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The patches add the OP and ED to every episode. If you’re wondering what took so long, the TV-size version of the OP has a few lines that don’t appear in the full version of the song and thus don’t appear in the official lyrics. I was hoping someone would upload the scans because maybe they contain the lyrics for the TV-size version, but that never happened as far as I can tell. So instead I just did my best guess at those lines, which is a bit challenging since the song is in English with questionable pronunciation and nothing I heard really made much sense. I figured it was still worth subbing the OP though since most of the lines do have official lyrics. Hopefully this will be resolved when/if I sub the BDs.

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7 Responses to “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Cour 2 Batch”

  1. UberAsian says:

    I just found out that they subbed the OP and ED on the Netflix TV App that I use for English Subs.

    Have you thought of taking a look at those? Maybe they might of have helped?

    • herkz says:

      they definitely didn’t sub the songs at first, but it is possible they have now. unfortunately i don’t have a netflix account, so i can’t easily check. if you want to type out the OP lyrics you see, that would be very helpful.

      • UberAsian says:

        OP Lyrics from Netflix as they show up on Close Captions for English. No spelling mistakes or anything. Just how it is. Looked over it twice too.

        Guess what’s in my head.
        What you talking about.
        Let me tell you what to do.
        Stop whispering.
        Wait till midnight.
        Come on, we gotta go deeper.
        In the dark forest.
        No one hears us.
        Keep your eyes open.
        Don’t let the time steal your.
        I’ll keep your lips sealed.
        Take me inside of you.
        Through the night.
        Stay conscious.
        Let me tell you what to do.
        Just love me now.
        Cause we’re gonna The King and Queen.
        To rule this wreath.
        Of pleasure and death.

        • herkz says:

          wow, i kind of wonder if those are legit or just what someone working for netflix heard. what they have for the last few lines does make more sense, but there’s also some parts that don’t match the official lyrics online. oh well, i guess i can just combine them when i sub the BDs.

  2. nx6 says:

    Thanks for your work!

  3. Lazy_Uchiha says:

    720p when?
    Please I want it.

    • herkz says:

      when the BD is released. it’s too much effort to do 2 different resolutions when subbing it the first time.