Guilty Crown 10

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21 Responses to “Guilty Crown 10”

  1. Classydark says:

    ty Commie!

  2. dark_skeleton says:

    Yay! 400MB? That much going on? YAY!

  3. Sinax says:

    Wow, that was fast. Thanks pals.

  4. NoName says:

    I’m guessing shoe needs to put a sock in it?

  5. RaccoonGoon says:

    Thanks, and lol @ Shu being a Shoe.

    Guess being walked in is even worse than being on.

  6. mascthemoney says:

    and the bitch of the year goes to…. Ouma Shu!

  7. vivant says:

    thanks again Commie!

  8. Potsky says:

    Thanks.. :D That was fast.. :)

  9. Elly says:

    Thanks for the quick release, Commie!

  10. Kyzoryn says:

    Glad someone likes this show as much as me.

  11. Recently says:

    Feels like the put every annoying/bad trait you can possibly imagine into the main char of this show.

    I honestly hope he dies in the end. And not in some cool way, but in a stupid, pointless way. That’s all that keeps me from watching this at times. (and Ayase)

  12. dizzle83 says:

    Shu is so very, very fail.

    Still better than that Mirai Nikki kid though. I’m not sure there are enough cute anime girls to make me watch that one.

  13. random says:

    i heard that GC will not air on the 22 or the 29 anyone can confirm?

  14. Deus says:

    Shu is just a whiny piece of shit. >:
    Really he’s almost worse than Yuki of Mirai Nikki.
    Every other character is totally badass though. :’D

  15. Vy says:

    Does anyone happen to have the image at the end of the episode in high quality?

  16. ScarletStar says:

    I second Vy’s request! :o

    And yeah, Shu’s so pathetic pulling a Shinji Ikari there…

    Good that all other Charas are decent or I#d drop this. Evangelion was enough whining to last me a lifetime!

  17. nINJAkECIL says:

    And what does “high-quality” means?
    Right now all we have is either share-raw or transport stream-encoded version.
    You’ll have to wait until Blu-Ray to get that image in better quality.

  18. NoName says:

    Not sure why people are so upset at Shu. It’s obvious that all his retardation won’t last past the first few minutes of the next episode. He will take over the Dai Funeral Brigade and unleash Unlimited Void Works to prevent Instrumentality. Just as planned.

  19. oBb says:

    This is rather clever planned. Next episode airs the 23rd, the day before christmas evening. I don’t remember many series that have been concluded in 11 episodes, so the showdown might last until next year, too.