Guilty Crown 11

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  1. WORDS says:


  2. Tukurai says:


  3. Myfistus says:

    lol posting a comment before you even post the post.

  4. Elly says:

    Thank you, Commie!

  5. leon says:

    where did you find the raw?

  6. Max_O says:

    Cool Thanks.

    p.s. C3 please.

  7. Max_O says:

    Oops noticed that you dropped C3, anyway thanks.

  8. foxy says:

    You fail at failing. XD

  9. Heinz Doofenshmirtz says:

    So, last Episode today. Will there be a Batch with any Changes in the Subtitles or the Audio/Video ?

  10. dark_skeleton says:


  11. Heinz Doofenshmirtz says:

    So, last Episode today. Will there be a Batch with changes in the Subtitles or the Audio/Video ?

    • Heinz Doofenshmirtz says:

      Ups, sorry that was to fast.
      According to AnimeNewsNetwork Guilty Crown has 11 Episodes, but I´ve just noticed that on aniDB they are up to Episode 13. So, the question is, how much episodes will there be. 13, 24, 26 or more ?

  12. vivant says:

    Waking up so early and see that GC is out.. sweet.. thanks!
    and happy holiday! =D

  13. dark_skeleton says:

    lol @ chapters

  14. NoName says:

    What a strange episode. The entire second half doesn’t even feel real.

    Anyways, thanks commie!

  15. Pengin says:

    lol @ chapters [2]

    I watch for the fabulous OP and Gai’s fabulous hair.

  16. oj says:

    so this reminded me of the 1st part of guren lagann… except it wasnt as good.

  17. random says:

    great episode too bad next week is seems it airs a GC extra instead the actual ep 12 some people even say there is a 4 week break before the 12 i really hope they are wrong whit this kind of cliffhanger

    • XerBlade says:

      Well, as long as they don’t take a 4 week break on Fate/Zero, I don’t care what they do with everything else, even if they pull a Code Geass Season 1 and take like 6 months between the penultimate and final episodes.

      Wait, what was that? What are you going on about? What do you mean Fate/Zero’s taking a 3 month break?

      *rises up from table*
      DO NOT WANT~~~~!!!!

  18. oBb says:

    All I can say is, the sky darkens with blood.

  19. Lafia says:

    Quote from the script:
    “i’ve split over 30 lines so far. i’m tired of this shit so no more. after all, a crappy show deserves a crappy script”

    Just asking, why do you sub a series which you dont seem to enjoy?

    • Recently says:

      Probably because there are a few nutty people (like yourself perhaps) that actually enjoy this show (crazy, i know, but those people do exist)

      Also maybe they are hoping to reach the point where shuu inevitably dies (this is what i’m hoping for at least)

  20. neosonic says:

    Great episode as always. GC is easily the best anime for this season (and maybe next season too). Thanks a lot for subbing this.

  21. Zzz says:

    I wouldn’t go that far. Fate/zero is better, but GC is my number 3 for the new season. That doesn’t say much since they are all shit for the most part. GC is starting to get better I suppose. It really pained me to hear shuu early on.

  22. Progeusz says:

    ahh, Guilty Crown… worst anime of the season? Morita 2/Chibi Devi would probably win if episodes were longer.
    Still, I’m going to drop it one more time ^__^
    Thanks Commie!

  23. Ibitro says:

    Shu’s not that bad… he whines, but he’s done what he had to do so far… and even went through with a mercy kill… that sucks… I’m pretty sure only sick bastards would be completely fine after that

  24. Progeusz says:

    Wow. I don’t believe it. This episode was fine. Maybe there’s some hope for this show? (or more possibly, I’ve subconsciously learned how to turn off common sense when needed). If only they had spent at least 1% of their budget on the script this could be one of the best series in 2k11. Such a shame that most beautiful TV series ever has to suck so much.

  25. nINJAkECIL says:

    If only the protagonist wouldn’t had PITA-personality….
    C³ were better than this, let alone F/Z.

  26. Minecraftonian says:

    THX THX THX THX OMG THX i love this show!!!

  27. Test says:

    Why do people complain about it and still watch it or bother to comment… I mean, name something YOU like and see how many people disagree with YOUR tastes.

  28. Spiller says:

    I finally took the time to watch this…

    Could you please keep the trolling out of the releases? If you really dislike doing this show so much, then why do you want to ruin your effort by inserting childish comments in it?