Guilty Crown 13, Chihayafuru 15, ZnT S4 2

Guilty Crown 13 (fixed version)
Torrent | DDL

Old version got corrupted somewhere around the 3 minute mark. I’m guessing RAM issues again. Patch here.

Chihayafuru 15
Torrent | DDL

Zero no Tsukaima F 2
Torrent | DDL

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62 Responses to “Guilty Crown 13, Chihayafuru 15, ZnT S4 2”

  1. Teslight says:

    Thanks for your continued efforts.

  2. ZnT says:

    Finally ZnT F. Thx, but why commie is so slow this week? Did something happened? It’s not like you guys. Usually it’s damn fast.

  3. Vash says:

    I think the crc for GC 13 is incorrect, I believe the correct crc should be


  4. anonymous says:

    Is there a video glitch around 3:41 in Guilty Crown? Just trying to make sure it’s not my system.

  5. anon says:

    Just pointing this out, but your Guilty Crown’s corrupt. That, or someone didn’t add the correct CRC32.

  6. Elly says:

    Thank you very much for GC and Chihayafuru!

  7. dk999 says:

    Yea I’m getting a glitch at that time too, thanks for the fast GC though.. And the excruciating long wait for chihaya

  8. Kirby_422 says:

    Why is this not tagged under ‘shu being a shoe’? was he actually doing something this episode other than mopping? Cause considering what happened last episode, I really can’t see him being serious.

  9. macxxx007 says:


    This snow WEEK just got awesome!


  10. mugen kanda says:

    re gc13:
    probably too much to ask for and you don’t do it for any of your other releases but adding karaoke fx during op/ed where you have english letters for the japanese words matching up to the vocalist singing. hadena does this and this is the only reason I d/l their releases as well as yours is for the karaoke fx. I couldn’t care less for the english translation, I just like singing along.

  11. The Marquis says:

    Thx for Chihaya..As usual ^^

  12. Son Goku ssj4 says:

    Exactly my words :-) You’ve got remarkable, brilliant, fantastic subs. We don’t need a speed but your quality. :-) Thank You for your hard work!

  13. cc says:

    hey, how come you guys are always downvoted on MAL? your releases are great quality. is it just the idiots who don’t know how to play 10-bit?

  14. CapacityDown says:

    i think at 9:32 GuiltyCrown it should be “Tsugumi” no “Tsugami”

  15. nINJAkECIL says:

    Did Shoe dies in this ep?

  16. Chiiiigworth says:

    Guilty Crown – Mine fucked up about 14 mins in… might be my internet fucking the download up though. Re-downloading now.

  17. AMg says:

    Fuck you, commie. Now, you own me $5 since I had to re-downloaded again since your patch are invalid >_>

    PS: I still root to you this Winter release :3

  18. Megabuntu says:

    The patch works fine. The commands to use it are:

    $ apt-get install xdelta3
    $ xdelta3 decode gcvideofix.xdelta

    This should work under Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux.
    Make sure the corrupt file is in the current working directory. The name of the new file is embedded in the xdelta.

  19. Lin says:

    Guilty Crown season 2 is now Code Geass: Shuu of the Rebellion

  20. Haseo says:

    Thanks for Zero!!

  21. mascthemoney says:

    convinced that this show is a closet comedy.

  22. Alex says:

    Thanks :D

  23. vivant says:

    GC and Chihayafuru! Thanks~ =D

  24. Dark says:

    I don’t know how to patch guilty crown.
    Can anyone tell me in detail?

  25. bautrey says:

    the .xdelta, the v1 file, and the xdelta3.exe must be in the same folder.

  26. Anon says:

    Chihayafuru <333

  27. Shin says:

    SOPA is dead for now……Fuck YEAH!!!!

  28. Fag It says:

    such an awesome OP. Costume changes are win.

  29. nINJAkECIL says:

    Just wanna let you guys know, in GC @15:32, the translation reads “I’m just some girl her lost her endlave…”.

    Maybe it’s “who” or “here” on the first “her”.

    Thanks for the release.

  30. 1OO says:

    Can you guys not add the special effects on the subtitles? It makes the OP and ED lag A LOT!

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      1. “special effects”?
      2. OP and ED of what?

      • 1OO says:

        The colorful lyrics during OP and ED (karaoke). It really makes the OP and ED lag and most the time I would have to skip it.

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          We haven’t done full-on karaoke in a long-ass time. We’ve been doing only styled English for a few seasons now.

  31. blankiee says:

    Custard puffs, not mini hotcakes. I know because there’s an Asian place in Sydney that sells them. Quite nice actually and best served warm.

  32. Evilsanta says:

    Does anyone know/can tell me what the song is that starts during the fight sequence near the end?

  33. Progeusz says:

    1:29 – question mark WHERE? Yes, I’m watching it right now. 14 is next. One hour of Guilty Crown…
    Shoepidity incoming in dangerous amounts, block common sense, turn ass pull radars off, proceed with operation!
    brb, eyegasming