Guilty Crown 18


>waiting for simulcasts

Praise be unto valerauko, savior of anime


Zionism -> Priory of Sion. Thank you mad commenter.

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50 Responses to “Guilty Crown 18”

  1. AbraxasDusk says:

    Awesome! Thanks guys!

  2. Jayse says:

    Whoever that is I shall hail him as a god if it means watching more Guilty Crown

  3. macxxx007 says:


    I praise you, valerauko, savior of anime! THANK YOU!

    Thanks to you all as well, Commie, for delivering these subs!


  4. anon says:

    err I thought you guys only edit simulcasts, do you even have a TL?

  5. Xythar says:

    That time machine really came in handy this week

  6. ReN says:

    THANKS ;_;

  7. somebody says:

    all hail commie!!

    thx far this fast release

  8. Ikinari says:

    Hey just wanted to make a suggestion if you ever do a v2 @6:11 You wrote squadron, but it should be fleet.

    Not sure why that bothered me so much to say something. But it did. :/

  9. lmm says:

    >Complaining about waiting

    >Fam not out yet

    I’m just sayin’

  10. vivant says:

    Wake up and seeing GC18! Thank you so much Commie!! =D
    So fast~

  11. Catastrophe says:

    holy mother of fuck, now i’ll have to destroy my wallet once again for that transformed Inori figure (you know it will happen)

  12. Alex says:

    Thanks :D

  13. Hyura` says:

    Thanks for GC.

    Oh and Thanks for you hard work Valerauko.

  14. Ein says:

    Thanks so much, this is very interesting anime

  15. Fag It says:

    All hail Valerauko!!

  16. omanko-chan says:

    Source of translation is retarded.
    シオン修道会 is this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Priory_of_Sion
    and not this

    Zionism is neither old nor secret…

    Please fix this in the batch v2 (and I don’t support/defend Zionism, I do, however, support accurate translations…)

    • herkz says:

      >v2 batch for GC

      Sorry, none of us even remotely like the show.

      • XerBlade says:

        Shit, I think this show is a pile of donkey dung but keep watching it anyway, because if I don’t I know I’ll be hearing for years, “It got really awesome after you stopped watching! How dare you stop!” from all the people whose taste in anime I don’t care about anyway, and I already had more than enough of that from [Blue Exorcist, D.N.Angel, Elfen Lied, .hack//Legend of the Twilight, Kamen Rider Hibiki, Mahoromatic, Reign The Conqueror, Zeta Gundam, etc.]. Even Buddha can only take so much whining.

        P.S. Yes, I suffered through every one of those all the way to the end because some crazy fools kept telling me they got better and it would somehow turn into my taste in shows soon.

    • derp says:

      I came to say that.
      Older than Zionism is like saying a more ancient dish than Coke and Potato Chips.

      After looking around here though, I see they’ve been drinking GG’s koolaid, so it was a pointless visit.

  17. AMg says:

    They’d thought Shu’s tyranny was bad. But, Gai is lot worse and more calculated than him. In the end, they died by their Voids.

    This beg a question: was Gai artificially created similar to her? If he was, that explained why they (Anti Bodies/Da’at) manage to revived him after he was supposedly perish at the end Episode 12. It might also explained how able to see others Void and known Yuu (another Void Genome bearer).

    Badass Inori is badaas. I think Shu already wake from his BSOD and time to his right hand replacement aka awaken his latent Void Genome power. And, cometh Daryl x Tsugumi shipping since Daryl had changed side. :3

    • Recently says:

      Holy crap your analyzing this show like its good.

      Most of the time when i watch I’m just thinking to myself god please, let everyone die, and have it all end.

      Shoe is the embodiment of every single “bad” main character stereotype rolled into one. All he needs is to get NTRed by Gai for it to reach perfection.

      • AMg says:

        Heh. You’d think that I made it sounded it’s a good show. Believe me, it’s doesn’t but it’s not as bad as you think.

        From 1st 3 episodes I have doubts like you that this show only sells because of the original character design artist redjuice and OP/ED composition of ryo/supercell. But, I like to keep an open mind. At least, it has decent story flow and some plot curve ball. But, YMMV and everyone entitle for their own opinion.

        • Progeusz says:

          You got me. I thought it was the first analytic post written by fan of GC I’ve seen so far. And I’ve seen like ten thousands of comments on Guilty Crown. Good to know that this one wasn’t creation of fan either. My statements are still valid.

  18. Sphiron says:

    Thanks for the fast release, Shame it was pretty much another nothing episode

  19. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  20. Tsunderella says:

    heh who still watch this shitty excuse of an anime?
    if so i gotta say u guys have some shitty taste in anime

      • Asakura says:

        He very mad.

        The plot’s good (or: not bad, if you prefer that).
        It’s just that you apparently can’t deal with cliffhangers, so in my opinion you should wait until it’s finished airing and all episodes are completely subbed. THEN watch it o:

        • What? says:

          This show has a plot? I thought it was just a random sequence of events that happen.
          Fuck this is a life changing revelation.

          Also the cliffhangers suck and do not make me want to watch anymore of this.

          • AMg says:

            Cannot stand cliffhangers? Go and watch your generic comedy/high school/magical girl, yo. :3

            • Progeusz says:

              >high school/magical girl



            • What? says:

              Who said I couldn’t stand cliffhangers? I was specifically saying that the cliffhangers for THIS SHOW were horrible.
              There’s no point for cliffhangers if the plot sucks so much you don’t want to see another episode.

  21. Loghain says:

    i wouldnt call GC a cliffhanger anime since the plot (or whatever you wanna call it) changes every episode.
    Episode 1 we had a government vs undertakers (reason: to oppose gov discrimation/opression)
    Episode 2/3, it felt like a romance-comedy school anime.
    Then we had that betrayal, got in jail blablabla he joined school again.
    Couple of episodes later, world in danger, mc saves the day (for once).
    Well you get the picture, aftar that incident they all went back to school and then another plot twist and its all HSOTD.
    I certainly do remember that every1 was bitching around episode 2 cause they thought it was going to be a romance-comedy tipe of anime.
    You cant take this seriously, i mean, you can even expect MC to go looking for the 7 DB to revive hare.

  22. Google says:

    Did you mean: Cannot stand cliffhangers? Go and watch your generic hentai/high school/magical girl, yo. :3

  23. Huh says:

    O.o holy crap! Why is the 2nd half so much better than the first?!

    That old guy needed a better fight scene though, the way he went out made it look like they just wanted to get rid of him since he wasn’t really contributing to the story.