Guilty Crown 4

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UN-GO/Chihaya tomorrow.

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35 Responses to “Guilty Crown 4”

  1. Elly says:

    Awesome, thanks a bunch!

  2. ubaid says:

    Thanks for awesome release

  3. whiner says:

    Goddamn shitcunts took you long enough, my eyes are bleeding from nn’s crf=24 maxrate=2500 encode. Even a fucking translating single-man group beat you, is this what speedsubing has become? And by “subbing” I mean ripping subs and pasting it on a raw.

    What I am supposed to do with this now, shove it up my ass to see if I can puke the quality back out? I expect better from free rips.

    • RHExcelion says:

      What single-man group? Coalguys is 3 people. Hadena is like 20 brazilians. I can see how your logic works out if you counted each brazilian as 1/20th of a person, but that would be kinda racist.

      • whiner says:

        I assumed Coal was just Jaka. Hadena doesn’t matter since the subs are made up (voice recognition + machine translate would be faster & better).

        Also, `Unknown style found: “Sign”, changed to “Default”!´ derp. Good thing the extra time is well spent in QC doing stuff such as actually opening the file, I really appreciate the polish.

        • RHExcelion says:

          Not everyone uses the same player and setup as you, believe it or not. In any case, the line was commented, and it’s really just shitty programming to display popups about a missing style that’s not even used. Imagine if Windows gave you a popup on startup for every single driver installed you weren’t using. Yeah.

  4. J says:



    Pick two.

    Same day is better than nothing. Thanks Commie!

  5. ricz says:

    Lolz done Dling nico but will DL this one too :p
    I can’t take file size of 159 mb

    even though they are just the same

  6. My Required Name says:

    >UN-GO/Chihaya tomorrow

    >implying I haven’t seen both since Commie is just Crunchy with Karaoke

  7. JasperDX7 says:

    Just like the Shana Episode I cant see the subs in this. I’m using the latest version of CCCP and Media player classic. VLC is the only player that pics the subs up but looks like shit since VLC apparently doesn’t have full 10bit support yet since it’s still experimental!

    WTF is going on?

  8. mascthemoney says:

    i want your hot UNKO right now.

  9. Samdidliambo says:

    Why so much hate? Fansubbing is much better with Commie on the scene than off.

  10. Linkmst says:

    For some reason on some scenes, I see blocks pop up messing up the video as if the encoding was done wrong (although I know it’s not wrong) so I think it’s my MPC Player… the problem is that I already installed the latest CoreCodec and CCCP =(

  11. Gin says:

    Thank you, guys. :3

  12. Shizuo says:

    Thank You!


  13. bob says:

    I agree with someone who stated here that in opening she says “I’m your light” instead of “I’m yours”. At least there is definitely something with “-t” sound in the end.

  14. Kyzoryn says:

    To all you generic shitheads stfu.

    Oh and I can see the subs just fine. I am using media player 2.

  15. Shin says:

    Funimation is taking down guilty crown from most site…Shit. Are you guys still gonna keep on subbing?

  16. WORDS says:

    >8 letters

    >not 4 characters


  17. KukiMunstr says:

    I thought you guys canceled subbing GC because it’s not showing the most recent eps in the “Projects” section.

  18. Slaaaawpoke says:

    > UN-GO/Chihaya tomorrow.

    Did I missed something? It’s already a day after tomorrow. So, did you hide my new Chihaya’s ep somewhere?

  19. Cappitallie says:

    Picture is so blurry, looks upscaled.