Guilty Persona Thursday + Chihayafuru

Guilty Crown 2
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We decided to go with “Undertaker” instead of “the Funeral Parlor” because the latter sounds fucking retarded.

Chihayafuru 3
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Persona 4 3
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UN-GO@ editing

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54 Responses to “Guilty Persona Thursday + Chihayafuru”

  1. ondi says:

    Thank you Commie !

  2. Tsumi says:

    Yeah, big thanks!

  3. DmonHiro says:

    Really not much to say except thanks you.

  4. MadStrategist says:

    Awesome episode!

  5. PhillipDSX says:

    It means a Persona is Guilty… “Esa Persona es Culpable!!!”

    Anyway… thanks a lot XD!

  6. Exalted says:

    Tyvm, been waiting all week for this!

  7. kazi says:

    I love Cocks

  8. Elly says:

    Thank you! Man, Thursday sure is a busy day.


  10. Susanoh says:


  11. kuroro says:

    finally new episode thanks commie!

  12. Ibitro says:


  13. mascthemoney says:

    so…. UNKO Fridays?

  14. Ryukai says:

    Thanks! Are we going to have Chihaya/UN-GO Friday then?

  15. bob says:

    Surfing web like a boss…
    trolling different subber comments…
    about to call it a day…
    checking commie RSS one last time…


  16. Liamash3 says:

    thank you! keep up the good work!

  17. kumakaori says:

    So, you guys gonna get knowledge, expression and understanding in their proper places this week ;P? The three of them have needed a clockwise cycle amongst themselves since ep 1.

  18. rainie1 says:

    Thanks for the release!

  19. macxxx007 says:


    Have a good night!

  20. anon says:

    Holy shit, Guilty Crown’s soundtrack is almost as good as K-On!’s!

  21. Tutturu says:

    Will there be a v2 for episode 1 of Guilty Crown because of the “Undertaker” name change?

  22. Andromeda says:

    cOoL oPeNiNg

  23. Shizuo says:

    Thanks, for Guilty Crown :)

  24. souken says:

    thank you!

  25. previews says:

    Are there no previews for GC?

  26. spfleet says:

    any1 knows why the preview for P4 says “next scent” instead of “next scene”? maybe a mistake or did they do that intentionally?

  27. iskandar says:

    There’s kind of a bad typo in the P4 subs. It’s just one word but it happened right at the awesome part. V2? It says “Your have established blah blah..”

  28. riesza says:

    Thank you. You guys fucked up chaptering in the Persona release if you didn’t notice already.

  29. amg says:

    Thank You for the releases.
    Any news as to when the T&B blu-rays are going to available?

  30. valmont113 says:

    hello commie, I’m french and I use your raws, what does the numbers in front of the poems (I found the translation of one hundred poems in “A Hundred Verses from Old Japan (The Hyakunin-isshu), tr. by William N. Porter, [1909], at sacred-texts.com “thank you

  31. Fag It says:

    sank you!

  32. erejnion says:

    Un-go ;_;

  33. Hei says:

    Are you sure you don’t need more editors? Un-go seems to be taking a while.

  34. castor212 says:

    your release of P4′s quality is better than other groups. Is it because it’s 10bit? Also, where do you take the p4 subs from?

  35. Source of better sources says:

    There is a popular trend now for encodes of American television shows labeled with WEB-DL. Whereas many rippers still make HDTV releases, these guys get their sources from digital content providers (such as iTunes) that are released after the show airs. These have far better quality than HDTV rips, and have no station logos etc on the screen.

    FUNimation is doing the same thing for both LASTEXILE – Fam, The Silver Wing – and Guilty Crown, and releasing digital downloads of them for Zune and Xbox the day after the simulcast. See news post:


    This may be worth looking into to use as better source material.

    P.S. I love your encodes! Thanks for them!

  36. johanna chan says:

    hi, when will you continue ep 4 of chihaya? hope it’ll be out soon. thanks for the great work!