Senba 2 10

“Blame RHE for the commercials.

As for the new out before the old, its only because i’m covering for the .txt TL that gets released anonymously the day after Basara airs. He was on vaca last week and it’ll take him a bit to get back on the normal schedule. Once he does, I’ll go back to do 8 & 9.

Lets say it this way – if i didnt do this you would have to wait for Horriblesubs next monday and no one wants that, right?”

<@naggingwife> johnny
<@naggingwife> johnny
<@naggingwife> johnny
<@naggingwife> johnny_dickpants
<@johnny_dickpants> jesus christ what
<@naggingwife> take my comment on the guns_on.mkv post
<@johnny_dickpants> wheres the damn fire
<@naggingwife> and put it into the contents of the post
<@naggingwife> so people stop fucking asking

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12 Responses to “GUNS_ON.mkv”

  1. That was unexpected.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      yes well it was either release this or face the wrath of the tl. she’s doing 11 first and then going back to do 8 and 9.

  2. Black_Raven says:

    anyway, thanks

  3. Shampoo says:

    cardslash is a dumb twat. let me know what shows she’s the TL for so i can avoid them.

  4. Bloop_Pants says:

    Thanks for the release of this awesome anime! Praise your TL for deciding to do this show

  5. At least you’ve got a regular tl for the show. :(

    I miss you, Anon-kun! Come back to Nyaa!

  6. Zaton says:

    Hey, i was just looking for this epiode, trying to ignore the Horriblesubs releases (they’re only good for FT)

    Thanks guys

  7. anon says:

    What exactly would we do with episode 10 and 11 without having seen episodes 8 and 9?

  8. oZid says:

    Was going to rage, but i fuckin’ want my Basara, be it now or next month. Kudos to the TL.

  9. sage says:

    You wanted to get the episode out so badly, that you left some shitty commercial stuff in there? Nice.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      the commercials are there because the encoder can’t ever tell if they’re supposed to be part of the episode or not.