Hagure Yuusha no Estetica 1-4

Saving fansubbing one show at a time.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

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99 Responses to “Hagure Yuusha no Estetica 1-4”

  1. VanFinale says:

    Are these censored/uncensored and is the raw quality any good?

  2. Vash says:

    Oh shit, its not even christmas.

  3. twonline says:

    Is the raw from ATX or MX?

  4. TheNVS says:

    Damn it now I don’t know who to watch, you guys with better subs and better quality raws but censored or Subdesu subs which are just above understandable but with normal to low quality raws and uncensored. I think I’ll end up watching both. Its just that for this show in particular Uncensored means allot more since almost half of the show is about ecchi stuff.

    • herkz says:

      You could stop fapping to anime.

      Or just wait for the BDs.

      • TheNVS says:

        LOL I don’t fap to anime’s. Hentai exist for a reason, anyway Hagure Yuusha no Estetica has a lot of perverted moments and nudity which are important to the story and to the character development of Ousawa Akatsukiso its not that I’m fapping to them its just that that is the way that this show is meant to be seen. Trust me I’ve been reading the novel and its just as perverted (in a good way) if not more. I don’t want you guys to get the wrong idea I love Commie subs and on every other anime I pick you guys in a heart beat over other groups, but for this one I’m just a little torn.

      • twonline says:

        Or you could release only the subs, then we could mux it with a shitty ATX raw. :D

  5. wohdin says:

    hahaha I didn’t even know there was a censored version of this show

    not that I care, because gross, tits

    so what are the *important* differences between this and the hadena version

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just recently I was thinking: Why are only shitty groups subbing Hagure Yuusha? Then you came along and well… nothing really changed.

  7. a-kun says:

    there’s always subdesu

  8. Kclysm says:

    Thank goodness. I love this show but sadly SubDESU’ quality for this is a little too LQ for me.

  9. Rajnikant says:

    1 Rogue ☭ Alert!

  10. TurboGamer says:

    Censoring is far worse
    than ATX RAW’s. Thanks for the subs, but I’ll wait for CTSS’s heavy delayed version.

  11. canzer says:

    i have good faith that someone will release atx version with commie sub :P

  12. km says:

    Awesome! No more having to bear with inferior subs!

  13. Red says:

    What the hell is the point in even watching a show like this with censors? Clearly not the PLOT.

  14. Recently says:

    Glad you picked up this show, its fairly solid. MC of this show is refreshing from the usual flood of indecisive/annoying/pushover main chars that has become the standard. Rarely do you see the bad-ass/pervert/nice-guy combo.

  15. patapi says:

    Thanks for the release. I always have faith in your subs.

  16. Petrushka says:

    who’s the one responsible behind all this madness?

  17. McHerp says:


    Neat. Over PLOTing a series eventually cheapens it so this works just fine. That, and the uncensored AT-X looks like bloody garbage in terms of quality.

    Other than that thanks for picking it up. Can finally move up from Zero Raws now.

  18. redemption024 says:

    i for one is happy enough that i can even watch this shit-of-a-show fast and with good subs. putting the uncen fags aside i’d like to take this line (this one or maybe the next on coz i dunno where it’ll be when i post ’em) to say my thanks. THANK YOU COMMIE. ~ deleting ep 1-2 ctss

  19. random says:

    will you do the BD for this show when they will be out?

  20. Shawn263241 says:

    And here I was all excited that a decent group actually subbed all 5 episodes, only to be crushed to hear that they’re censored. Granted I don’t watch anime for the nudity, and I love quality, but there’s something insulting and obtrusive about censorship that just puts me off.
    Sooooooo I guess I’ll be waiting on the BDs, or at least on CTSS’ slow ass.
    Thanks though.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      If at-x didn’t look like ass through an ass filter and wasn’t 480p or some shit we’d use that.

  21. flipr says:

    If you were saving fansubbing, you’d give us the subs we need for Kaiji s2. You know, since Triad is dead and they’re the subs we deserve.

  22. Brylon says:

    Wow you guys really are doing everything this season. With Hagure, how many shows does this make?

  23. vivant says:

    I can’t stand with ecchi-ness and after watching the first episode I decided to give up on this one.
    But since you sub this with the censored one, I think I might be able to continue.
    Can you give me a comparison (one scene is enough) between the censored and uncensored one?
    I just want to see how they censor it. Thank you so much!!

  24. AMg says:

    No censorship, no DVD/Blu-ray sales. Meh.

  25. Dark_Sage says:

    Shoulda gone with AT-X~

    But th-thanks anyway… bakas.

  26. Anon says:

    Ha! Thanks but no thanks. If I had a reason to watch this crap it would be for the PLOT, so DEEP and INTRIGUING. Cut that off, and we are left with a bag of nothing. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

  27. vaen says:

    I love you guys. thanks for all the effort!