Haikyuu!! 01


herkz: so many sports anime around me

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12 Responses to “Haikyuu!! 01”

  1. V says:

    You’re Commietastic!

  2. herkzfans says:

    thx for picking this up hertz

  3. Sakana Knight says:

    What font/s did you use for the title + previews + OP?

  4. random says:

    Don’t worry this one is only 25 eps.

  5. Harakeeri says:

    Thanks for picking this up guys! Been waiting for this anime for ages!

  6. bbo says:

    herkz, it’s an incentive to the fatakus to get off their moldy asses.

  7. nya says:

    while you’re at it, ping pong this weekend?