Haikyuu!! Second Season 13


herkz: oh hey, remember this anime?

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18 Responses to “Haikyuu!! Second Season 13”

  1. iamevn says:

    how could I forget herkyuu

  2. Cezar says:

    Holy shit, is that him?

  3. redisdead says:

    I remember watching S1 with HS because I couldn’t wait for Commie to deliver. I learned my lesson.

  4. Contraile says:

    I -do- remember! Praise be.

  5. Chomiq says:

    Just a heads up guys, firefox is blocking all the graphics from by default because it fails to establish secured connection.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. brc says:

    It’s nice to see that you remember it.

  8. Cezar says:

    Eyy, images are back.

  9. Aysun says:

    Aww yiss, more excited than I’d like to let on.

  10. Goku1085 says:

    @herkz Since CR has official subbed releases for the 3 Yowapeda movies any chance of Commie doing their own BD ones in the future?

  11. someasshole says:

    At this rate, wouldn’t it make more sense to just skip the TV version and do the the blu-rays like you did with season 1? Half of the blu-rays are already out and they’ll all be released by mid September.

    • herkz says:

      Out but not uploaded. Though I want to finish the TV version first because it’s entirely possible (as in it happened in season 1) that there will be something that comes up later that I might need to keep consistent. And shifting the subs to the BDs won’t take much time, so it’s not like doing the TV version is making the project take much longer.

  12. Goku1085 says:

    @herkz Thank you so much!! Will be looking forward for more updates of S2 and the 3 movies!