This release is brought to you by: Translators Who Actually Know Japanese.

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  1. boosak says:

    is this the whole ep 1 – 5?

  2. lovemesomekanbaru says:

    So… Did you translate more than the first 4 minutes?

  3. Anon says:

    Is it happening? It IS happening.

    Thank you based Commie All Stars.

  4. Cickány says:

    Fukin thanks! Best release for best anime from best studio!

  5. Jupiter says:

    Thanks. ^)^

  6. shelly says:

    thanks for the subs

    great idea to do all at once

  7. Googol says:

    Thanks, finally it’s out!

  8. Hikari says:

    Much thanks for your hard work, translators that actually know japanese.

  9. w says:

    Thanks, guys!

  10. anon says:

    did you drop the rest of second seasons bds?

  11. kanbaru says:


  12. Atomsk says:

    Will you keep trolling other groups’ uploads after this?

    • herkz says:

      wouldn’t we have to start to stop?

    • Axiom says:

      Calling someone’s translation bad isn’t trolling when it’s legitimately inaccurate.

      • grognak says:

        Except it wasn’t inaccurate, just different.

        • herkz says:

          it’s actually very, very inaccurate

 you can see some examples here from their episode 1

          btw this person is not a fansubber at all so don’t go yelling about how he’s biased

          • NecDW4 says:

            So, looking at the tweets, there are pics of what they translated it as, but no response as to what it SHOULD be or why what they used is considered crossly inaccurate, unless that’s what the japanese is, so that does 90% of us watching this no good.

            • herkz says:

              check our subs if you want to know what they should be translated as

              actually, if you don’t know japanese, maybe you should just avoid commenting on translation accuracy

  13. man00ver says:

    Awesome! I know what I’m doing tonight. Thanks for the rapid fire!!

  14. noname says:

    “actually know japanese”… but can you also translate it? XD

    [Knowing a language is not the same as being a good translator, translators (for any language) need to pass the nuances, and often you can’t, and sometime you can’t translate at all since you must rephrase completely (japanese has some interesting constructs)] -> This was the serious bit. ;)

    Anyway I’m curious to see how this e-drama will continue… what round is this? XD
    Those things just kill the fun…

    • herkz says:

      obviously they can. at least, they’ve translated hundreds of episodes, so i sure hope they know how by this point

  15. whocare says:

    Thanks for the super quick release

  16. Anon says:

    Oh Herkz, please let me use this space to say hi to Kristen.
    Hi Kristen! Hope you and your friends keep up the good work!

  17. Atomsk says:

    >mfw greentexting actually works

    My opinion of you has positively changed.
    A little.

  18. Scylla says:

    Life is hard when my dick isn’t and Commie, this made my dick really fucking hard.

    Cheers cunts

  19. Fam says:

    Miyuki Sawashiro voice’s so sexy.

  20. Xall says:

    This isn’t Hanamo- Oh wait it is.

  21. Anon says:

    There goes UTW’s 3.33 record of fans. Not like it’s an accomplishment or anything, but I guess it’s picturesque.

  22. man00ver says:

    Hey, so, great job and thanks again! This wasn’t the story I was expecting, really, but that just means there’s more to look forward to.

  23. ntr says:

    monogatari is shit
    who the fucking cares

  24. Phoenicius says:

    Next season airs in 2399, get ready Commie.

    let me just die right now

  25. Martin says:

    Thanks, great job!

  26. Chroma says:

    Why thank you, commie. Life sucks but then there’s my weebshit addiction to curb the pain for a while.

  27. RewindPauseRepeat says:

    This is good for a fansub translation. Very good. Clap clap.

  28. kibafaiz says:

    guys serious question here

    Is there a point in seeing this without having seen any of the other monogatari stuff

  29. black lightning says:

    I love monogatari, but this was a little lackluster compared to everything else in series. Pace was too slow for the middle portion, too much monologuing. I think it would have been better to watch it as sperate eps instead of watching all at once in a single sitting.

  30. fnord a shit says:

    fnord, you said Hanamonogatari is considered an OVA/Movie and so Commie gets A+ for it since they got A+ for the main series.
    Please fuck off. Every site lists it as a TV series except AniDB which lists as TV Special since all episodes came out at once. I don’t care that Commie got A+ because they probably deserve it but stop making bullshit rules.

    • herkz says:

      Even if you consider it a TV series, groups almost always get A+ for season 2 if they got A+ for s1.

      For example, WhyNot-Migoto got it for season 2 and they have no staff members who are mods.

      Mazui got A+ for season 2 of Haganai and a mod (Futsuu) translated it for Commie.

      So yeah, you’re wrong as fuck.

      • fnord a shit says:

        No herkz. You seem to have misunderstood.
        I didn’t say the fact that fnord and you are mods is the reason why you got the A+. I simply said don’t call it an OVA when it is not.
        I am well aware of its alternative title and that it is more of a second season.
        As I said, you probably deserved the A+. I wouldn’t know as I don’t know any Japanese or have yet to check out either release but that was a BS explanation on fnord’s side.

    • kiriku says:

      Hanamonogatari is still a part of the monogatari series second season..

      you know the alternative title?
      it’s called “Monogatari Series: Second Season +α”

      so don’t be such a drama queen..

    • PureDriveGT says:

      Why is this even bothering you? It’s up to them to decide.

  31. Mizu says:

    Thanks for this, Commie :)

  32. Contre-Nature says: why is this guy so mad and why is he denying the sole purpose of his work (aka providing “good”[with irony] quality bd releases) Sounds childish and amateur.

  33. Jonesy974 says:

    Holy shit how the fuck did you get this out so fast?

    Hilarious that CR, Daisuki, Hulu etc were all supposed to start streaming this tonight but none of them did dick.

  34. toriku says:

    thank you based commie :3

  35. korosareru says:

    thanks :)

  36. nigger says:

    Monogatari SS BDs, pls. ;_;

    • herkz says:

      pls i am literally working on it right now

      • Pikminiman says:

        Best news I’ve heard all day. What about Futsuu? Might we actually get more Monogatari S2 BDs from Based Commie?

        I really do apologize for badgering you about this; Monogatari is literally the only series where I care about getting the BDs and replacing the TV releases.

  37. joshittheragman says:

    so was the ending scenes in the LN or just something they made just for then ending theme? because it puts a different spin on everything that happens…

    • herkz says:

      every scene is from the LN

      • joshittheragman says:

        so them being in a relationship and her jumping because they broke up.. damn I figured that would play a little bit of a bigger part then just a few seconds before it was over.

        • herkz says:

          wait, you mean the ED? yeah, that’s what happened to rouka in the past, but i’m not sure if that part is explicitly in the novel

          • Anon says:

            From what I read SHAFT pulled a “what if” with the ED (OP), their relationship in middle-school wasn’t deepened in the LN.

  38. joshittheragman says:

    yeah, sorry I should have clarified better. it was late when I wrote it. oh ok it caught me by surprise that she would forget someone completely like that but now that I think about it there were a few (very) subtle hints to them being together.

  39. What is this? says:

    You actually call yourselfs “Translators Who Actually Know Japanese”, if so why do you translate to English and mix French words?! It’s annoying it’s stupid and it’s not the only series where you did it! Shingeki was the same thing… Fansubbers try to strive for perfection, you are just jumbling words so that you can show off your knowledge in the pretext that you are “different”. We get it, you know other languages besides English why the need to ruin the viewers experience with it… If the character isn’t talking in a foreign language why should you do it with the subs? If you actually know shit why the need to state it. Rubbing in the faces of people that you know something doesn’t give you an image that you are smart, you only seem dumb and cocky.