Happy Turkey Day

Feast on as many of those wenches as you can, all ye faithful leechers, as they were bred and born for the sole purpose of ending up on your dinner table. You wouldn’t want their lives to end in vain, now would you?

Support the economy. Eat the turkey. It’ll fuel you for the long hours ahead as you wait in line at your local Fry’s for those Black Friday deals.

As for you non-Americans…

┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Motto To Love-ru 8.

PS: If you’re feeling really thankful donations are always open.

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17 Responses to “Happy Turkey Day”

  1. thesisidiot says:


  2. Jukey says:

    Local Fry’s? Isn’t that a west coast thing? Haven’t seen any here on the east coast

  3. ar says:

    As for us non-americans, it’s business as usual~

  4. HayateM says:


  5. IppE says:

    Meh, I’ll just enjoy toloveru like the eurofag I am.

  6. Niku says:

    The turkey was delicious

  7. Nope says:

    Will Commie ever go back to releasing Shiki?
    I’d be thankful for that.

  8. anon-niisama says:

    I don’t get it, how can you have a major holiday so close to Christmas?

    Oh America

    • Alexeon says:

      Well its not a gift-giving holiday so the balance of spending is somewhat saved.

      Plus, a lot of people buy their Xmas presents on Black Friday to get the deals so they get that out of the way early, too.

  9. nlzh says:

    More uncencor version please

  10. muizz93 says:

    where nura…i miss rikuo

  11. macxxx007 says:

    wow… damn you, Daiz, damn you… thanks for the subs!

  12. Yeahnope says:

    Why is she holding a Move remote on her head?