Hayate no Gotoku the Movie – Heaven is a Place on Earth

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Uses the best raw (with filtering) available. We’ll consider rereleasing with a better (DVD) raw should one show up. The extended cut BD isn’t due until late February.

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36 Responses to “Hayate no Gotoku the Movie – Heaven is a Place on Earth”

  1. Telok says:

    Thanks much. I think I’ll wait for the BD though.

  2. mtwini09 says:

    Thanks a lot! Been looking forward to this, glad you did it.

  3. Sebastian says:

    >The extended cut BD isn’t due until late February.


  4. R says:

    Thanks! It’s finally here!

  5. I’m extremely tempted but I’ll wait on the BD release [spoiler];_;[/mariafuckingnothere]

  6. Adulthood says:

    Why this movie isn’t show up at boxofficemojo?

  7. gsreaper says:

    Whoa, Feb.? Why would that company wait so long to release a BD ver.?

  8. syaoran says:

    Oooh, such a long wait for the BD, guess this will suffice for now. Thanks!!!!!!!

  9. AsDumbAs4chan says:

    what’s up with the the loli?

    • Kaze says:

      If you meant the picture, I’m pretty sure that is Hayate.


      • That Man says:

        Don’t you people read the manga? That’s not a trap. She is Suirenji Ruka, an idol/doujin author.

        • Kirby_422 says:

          But, the whole plot involving her so far has been about traps, so just the word trap isn’t exactly wrong, just not describing her but rather her base relationship to the group. Hayate went all trap on her, convincing her he was a girl, and that’s how they all got close. I love the reactions when ‘Maid Star’ comes in to jump kick the robot lol.

        • Kaze says:

          If I read the manga why would I be watching the anime, you people need more stuffs to do.

          • kaze is stupid says:

            wats wrong with reading the manga AND watching the anime? It’s dumb to watch and not read the original medium

            • Ushinro says:

              To say that it’s dumb to watch the anime and not read the manga is not sensible. To some people just watching the animated adaptation is fine for them. Performing both activities of reading and watching a series is also not necessarily pointless as well. It provides the reader/viewer with a comparison of how the story gets told, usually with the manga providing more details, as well as provide different experiences with the inclusion of music and smoother transitions for anime.

  10. JJJ says:

    Will you be doing Negima too upon better releases?

  11. IZEROII says:

    Hmmmm I think I’ll have to force myself to hold out until February…

  12. Kuwii says:

    Thank you Commie! D:
    But I will patiently wait for the BD release… PATIENTLY… >_<

  13. Placek says:

    Hmm… no screen, no subtitles, just sound. What codec do you use? I never had problems with your releases…

  14. Asa says:

    Did I miss something? °A° Where is my A-tan!?

  15. Shawn263241 says:

    Mother of Christ… Must. Wait. For. BD.

  16. Ushinro says:

    I might be a minority here but I felt that this movie was lackluster. It didn’t feel like I was watching Hayate no Gotoku! but rather some generic plot. A lot of what I thought were attempts at jokes felt forced. The writers seemed to wanted to tell a story but since it’s Hayate no Gotoku!, I expected slapstick humour.

    • Tsuyoshi says:

      If this covers the arc of the manga I believe it does, they might be trying to tell a story. One you get far enough it in more or less develops a plot rather than pure parody/comedy.

      • Positron says:

        It doesn’t cover anything in the manga, it’s purely a side-story. And a rather “meh” one at that, though I didn’t expect much in the first place.

        Just bring on S3 already, dammit. :V

  17. Depp says:

    Is the Blu-Ray or better quality version out yet?

    • derp says:

      I believe the blu ray is out, I’ve found it online through various website but they were all raws.