HeartCatch Precure! 01


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This is based off of Aesir’s script. Also the filesize is probably gonna be big since BDs are nowhere in sight.

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  1. Some Blue Faggot says:

    <3 aers

  2. gar says:

    I wish this was a bluray.

    • herkz says:

      It might happen in like 10 years.

      • gar says:

        I will await the day~

        Also what is your release schedule plan for this?

        • herkz says:

          Well, it airs once a week on Saturday, so I’ll give you one guess.

          • gar says:

            Oh okay I didn’t know it was re-airing I thought you were just subbing it like years after the fact.

            • ACTL_33 says:

              In short, they’re saying that even though the season itself is technically done, Commie is “recording” the re-broadcasts from BS11 and using Aesir’s TL to edit the dialouge and try their best to make it better.

              And if I’m not mistaken, they were also saying in the comments that this show deserved better in terms of the subbing procedures that happened when HCP officially started many years ago.

  3. Fuck Yeah! I get to re-watch Tengen Toppa Heartcatch Precure weekly

  4. ACTL_33 says:

    There’s only one problem, however; if you’re using Aesir’s script/TL, they didn’t really complete the entire show. And we don’t know if the TL there has any plans to actually complete remaining eps.

  5. patrik says:

    Huh??? Isn’t this a 3 year old anime??
    Am I looking at this?!

    Or is it something else?

  6. Magenta says:

    commie plz

    my scripts for those early HeartCatch episodes are complete ass, I was a very new translator working under a group with really restrictive translation practices, and the end result is not something I’d recommend watching at all yet alone inflicting on an audience the size of yours

    i really appreciate the concept of what you’re doing, but this show really needs a re-TL

  7. A.K.Thathap says:

    Oh my god!
    Thank you very much guy!!

  8. Xfraze says:

    …Why all the Doremi hate? Is it just a joke that I was too late to the party to get?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      they’re complete shit and have no intention of getting better any time soon.

      the fact that they’ve fucked up on a cartoon for little girls many years in a row is enough.

      • Xfraze says:

        How exactly have they messed up though? I’ve been following their releases for years and don’t have any complaints. If they are doing something incorrectly as far as translation goes, I’d be curious to know what that is, considering I don’t speak Japanese and have no way of knowing. I could care less about their encode philosophy or what format their releases come out in, assuming that is how they have “fucked up.”

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          Mistranslations, awful/no editing, timing, awful/no typesetting of relevant signs, etc.

    • Magenta says:

      I think it’s fair to say that while Doremi have about the right level of language proficiency to handle the shows they do, the fact they speed through them so quickly with such a skeleton crew means they make silly mistakes and don’t have a chance to catch them.

      This is super noticeable on their Precure movie subs, where there are often no official transcripts available and contain some real howlers.

      • herkz says:

        well, they might be now, but they sure weren’t back when heartcatch aired

        • Magenta says:

          I don’t want to sound like I’m defending them, the quality of their end product is inexcusable. I do think though it’s because they don’t double-check their work; or don’t have the inner voice that tells one when what one has written cannot possibly be right, than because they would be incapable of coming to the correct conclusions if they spent more time thinking about it.

          • herkz says:

            even then, you’re ignoring the rest of fansubbing outside of translation, which they do extremely poorly. and around here, we actually care about those things.

            • Magenta says:

              Ah, alas, I am but a translator, and would only deign to comment on that field. They are rather set in the old ways though, with all that entails.

              • herkz says:

                Yes, they are, which is why I’m doing this and why we’re subbing Dokidoki.

              • ACTL_33 says:

                Regardless, your TLs for the HeartCatch season are still unbeatable, Magenta; you still gave every character the personality they needed in terms of the TL process itself. With all due respect to Doremi’s TL of HCP – it’s just… plain.

            • ACTL_33 says:

              Ah, then this explains why you chose to go after DokiDoki! Precure, and now HeartCatch Precure – to tell others including Doremi without offense that ALL aspects need to be covered in TL’ing an episode, not just the dialouge.

              So in short, I’m beginning to conclude that quality in ALL angles matters in a release, not just on the dialouge end (plus styling HAS to match the anime art style itself so it doesn’t ruin our viewing the anime video itself).

              I also agree with your borrowing Aesir’s TL (in terms of doing proper editing to make this dialouge better for the Heartcatch Precure season; it definitely needs it).

    • herkz says:

      doremi is a very bad group. for example, i went over their episode 1 of this show and it had a bunch of mishearings (guess they didn’t know that the show has closed captions) and some really awful english. my favorite was “four-leafed clover”

  9. Impact says:

    Oh nice you are picking HeartCatch Precure! which I just planned watching it sometime this month since it’s considered the best Precure series. I’ll just start now and following your releases.
    This anime needs a BD release.
    Anyway, thanks!

  10. Zabi says:

    I worked together with Hai’xie to sub the Pretty Cure 5 and the first All Stars movie before anyone else and I find this bashing of the current main group hilarious considering how much we were messing up. Our sub of the 5 movie was so bad (It was a messy retranslation of a low quality Chinese sub) that I lied and said it was a retyping of a HK sub. I was amazed when CureCom used our awful script when they released their HD version. Our sub of All Stars wasn’t so great either because I was such a scatterbrain on how to handle terms.

    • herkz says:

      I’m not sure you can call Doremi the “current main group” when they have the worst subs out of the 4 groups subbing Dokidoki. Yes, I’m saying even Doki is better than them.

      • thewizardninja says:

        > Yes, I’m saying even Doki is better than them.

        Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s not say things we can’t take back.

        • herkz says:

          I dunno man, Doki has been putting out passable translations lately, and they actually encode, time, typeset, and style.

          • Orcus says:

            Plus Doki use superior British English.

            • johnny_dickpants says:

              don’t you mean superiour

              • kitsune_nishidate says:

                Haha, superiour, nice one. I for one prefer British spelling, terms, and grammar, but have no qualm watching stuff in American English either.

                Also, Doremi or Doki, (which I’ve been following for years) have actually been “PASSABLE”alright… I’ve seen them do better subs before. That said, I must admit that Doremi’s translations had gone down the drain for the previous two Precure years.

  11. motaku96 says:

    So did BSS not really work on this? Are they even alive? Their site’s been down for forever.

  12. Kishi says:

    Thanks for this!
    Time for more mahou shoujos oh yes

  13. Chortos-2 says:

    I saw this in Showtimes several days ago but thought it might be a joke. Nice!

    Now… I’ve only skimmed through the episode, but here’s two things I noticed:

    I’m pretty sure the voices in the preview are Tsubomi and Erika, so it should be ‘I’m a protagonist and I’ve already been petrified?!’ ‘Wait, you’re a protagonist?’ and so on.

    The episode title is noticeably dark during the fade-in. I know this is because you want to blur the text as well as the border, so you have to make the bottom layer black. I also know that even without this the fade-in can’t be perfect because the shadow keeps getting in the way. But I feel the grey fade-in is too jarring and this, while still wrong, is much better (even when rendered at 1080p):

    Dialogue: 1,0:05:04.03,0:05:04.51,Titles,,0,0,0,,{\fad(483,0)\bord0}I’m Going to Change{\i1}!\N\N\N\N\N\N\N\N{\i0}Just Watch{\i1}!
    Dialogue: 0,0:05:04.03,0:05:04.51,Titles,,0,0,0,,{\fad(483,0)\blur0.45\shad2}I’m Going to Change{\i1}!\N\N\N\N\N\N\N\N{\i0}Just Watch{\i1}!
    Dialogue: 1,0:05:04.51,0:05:08.62,Titles,,0,0,0,,{\bord0\blur0.45}I’m Going to Change{\i1}!\N\N\N\N\N\N\N\N{\i0}Just Watch{\i1}!
    Dialogue: 0,0:05:04.51,0:05:08.62,Titles,,0,0,0,,{\c&H000000&\blur0.45\shad2}I’m Going to Change{\i1}!\N\N\N\N\N\N\N\N{\i0}Just Watch{\i1}!

    What do you think?

    • herkz says:

      I thought it was Erika and Tsubomi too, but Aesir had it like what’s in the release. Maybe it’s one of the fairies? Of course, it’s the preview, so it doesn’t really matter.

      And the titles can’t be helped. It’s gonna look wrong regardless because of how blur/borders work. How you changed it makes it so the font isn’t blurred right but the fade works. It’s pretty much one or the other.

      • Chortos-2 says:

        I think the preview thing is just an error: either because it was the first episode and someone hadn’t gotten used to the voices or somehow just one of the early-episode errors Magenta keeps talking about. I wanted to check Doremi’s version, but apparently I’ve long deleted it!

        And about the titles, yeah. I just think white-with-wrong-blur-during-fade (still with correct blur after the fade) looks better than grey-with-correct-blur-during-fade. But whatever, you choose.

      • Desbreko says:

        It’s definitely Erika’s voice in the preview (it can’t be a fairy because no desu), and Doremi’s is also translated like what Chortos-2 suggested, so I’m pretty sure it’s an error from Aesir’s script.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This looks a lot better than the DVDISO version.

  15. wat says:

    Your release screenshot is riddled with compression artifacts and uses the wrong color matrix. Fo’ shame.


    >still using VLC

    • wat says:

      …should’ve noted that the release itself is fine.

      Thanks a lot for tackling this project.

    • herkz says:

      the screenshot is taken with ffmpeg and compressed a lot on purpose so the site doesn’t take forever to load with a ton of images on the front page

  16. wat says:

    (It’s funny because VLC does exactly the same thing, right down to the compression level)

    Anyway, when taking screenshots of HD sources, add this for correct colors:
    -vf colormatrix=bt709:bt601

    • Orcus says:

      For the record, we don’t use VLC.

      How dare you assume we would, you loathsome creature!

  17. taz says:

    all of my love

  18. Orcus says:

    More like FartSnatch Precum!


  19. Aznonymous says:

    Doremi has been known to have bad subs. Remember guys in 2006. One of the Mai Otome sp episode had v2 all the way to v7. Each version has different translation with completely different meaning of the dialogue. The truth about Doremi came out how they were translating chinese subs to english subs. Since then, I stopped watching any of their releases.

  20. kitsune_nishidate says:

    I actually WAS wondering why Commie had decided to sub Heartcatch despite it being so old. Like a few of us here, little did I know that it had been re-aired. This is actually my favourite of all the Precure series.

    So I downloaded, watched, and yes, this IS so much better than one shown so long ago. So thank you Commie, and I’ll wait patiently for your DokiDoki, or even Smile if by any chance you might consider doing it in the not-so-near future.