HeartCatch Precure! 08


herkz: and now for something good

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7 Responses to “HeartCatch Precure! 08”

  1. Catastrophe says:

    fuck yeah precure,

    dokidoki where? ;_;

  2. donjuan says:

    Erika is the best girl.

  3. flossifer says:

    This show is so much fun. The “Precure Butt-Punch” (I forget which ep); Rewards come out as fairy poop; A Precure gets slaughtered in the first episode, etc.

    Favor: Would any of you wizards at Commie be interested in masking out that big obtrusive station watermark in the upper right hand corner of the screen for these shows(“BS 11”)? With those erased, the video quality is quite good enough for archiving. And it’s so much nicer to watch. I know, because a certain other fansub group did the same thing a couple of years ago. And anything they can do?

    In any case, thanks. This is so much better than any number of new programs.