High School DxD New 06


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17 Responses to “High School DxD New 06”

  1. Positron says:

    wow that pic’s so lewd

  2. BrickBreak says:


  3. Artur says:

    Why no op ??

  4. Amitiel says:

    Why saying English Dragon instead of Vanishing?

    • herkz says:

      u wot m8

    • shotcanis says:

      Ddraig = Crimson Dragon aka Welsh Dragon

      Albion = Vanishing Dragon aka English Dragon

      They have multiple titles. I don’t see the problem.

      • shotcanis says:

        Also, I bet the host of Albion is Suzaku. He ditched the Lancelot Albion Knightmare Frame for the real thing.

        And God being dead explains SOOOOOOO much lololol.

      • Amitiel says:

        Well, Ddraig never had Crimson Dragon as a title/nickname since its colour is pure red.

        As for now, they both have “Heavenly Dragon”. Ddraig is the “Red Dragon Emperor” while Albion is the “White Dragon Emperor”.

        They also are known as “Welsh/Vanishing Dragon” and a lot of other things, but I never saw Albion nicknamed as “English Dragon”. That’s why I was asking why.

  5. Tobitz says:

    Why is there no subss? :(

  6. bromance says:

    You accidently no tag

  7. monogatari 06 says:

    I’m still an episode D: you should sub me instead of skipping from 5 to 7