High School DxD New 08


Positron: subbing shit shows at 7 AM fuck yes

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18 Responses to “High School DxD New 08”

  1. Mega J says:

    Normally I just stick to your senyuu and monogatari, buuuuuuut this image obviously must be downloaded. Thank you!

  2. RoflCat says:

    Maou Shoujo…

    Hells yes

  3. 1412 says:

    Please return English Dragon back to Vanishing Dragon, i realy embarased to even look to that

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      nice story

    • Vana Gloria says:

      Vali actually have two name: “Hakuryuukou” and Vanishing Dragon. If Hakuryuukou not translated into English Dragon it will sound strange because it mentioned twice, so I think they can’t

      • thaivuN says:

        “Hakuryuukou” is actually “White Dragon Emperor”. Just like how “Sekiryuutei” is Red Dragon Emperor

        • Vana Gloria says:

          I know but they translate Sekiryuutei into Welsh Dragon so translating Hakuryuukou into White Dragon Emperor will sound inconsistent

  4. Akujiki says:

    Did anyone else think this girl was shidou irina with a hair dye job? Also WTB this pic big enough to be a proper desktop wallpaper. lol

  5. Much Thanks says:

    U sir, are a legend!

  6. Laxx says:

    Man, this nonsense, and I’m already too deep in to stop .. watching it now.

  7. Mark says:

    Got a different crc from the filename.
    [Commie] High School DxD New – 08 [A48E5E3E].mkv 848A09AE

  8. Mark says:

    Fixed I redownload.

  9. DestinyWaits says:

    i wonder why you call this show a shit amongst the other shows you are releasing, like any of those arent shit