Okay seriously.

We had 6 editors, 4 typists, and 2 timers. Plus an infinite amount of non-communication. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO FUCKING WRONG.

Yeah so basically this took 2 more fucking hours than it was supposed to. Fuck this shit. Fuck it all.

We v2’d. Keep reading.

EDIT: For everyone having audio issues:
Updating to CCCP beta might help you as well. Newest version of MKVMerge is a bit funny.

Also, about “(sic)”, one of our new staff didn’t know to use {} instead of () for notes to the editor. He has learned his lesson.


We love you too.
@kairxa – I don’t know either.




V2 Fixes-
Editor notes for section 2 were taken out (sic), (multiple sics), (WTF @ BFF) for those of you that missed them.

Flagged a constant framerate in MKVMerge so audio won’t desync on certain setups.

A few editing changes.

Proper script QC.

No freya, we will not change the title from “High School” to “Highschool”. aethon said he would consider it if you played SUN with us.
ヽ(´ー `)ノ


To use the patch, make sure both the patch and the v1 are in the same folder. Then open up a command prompt to that folder and type “xdelta3 -d patchname.xdelta”.

My god people.

Thanks RHExcelion , i get it. For those who don’t know how to use this patch, just do like i said:
1/download xdelta here
2/ Rename it to xdelta3.exe
3/ Copy it to the same folder with xdelta and HSOD v1 file
4/ Rename the xdelta file to anything you like, but it must be short . I change it to 1.xdelta3
5/ Try the command
xdelta3 -d 1.xdelta3.

Thank your fellow leecher.

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69 Responses to “HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD 1”

  1. PLH says:

    Sounds like a recipe for success to me.
    Thanks for the release.

  2. ananomas says:

    eye a1re3dy d0wn10ad3d thIs, should eye dld theees won?!?!1

  3. johnny_dickpants says:

    it was good entertainment for me

  4. anon says:

    Is this 720p and using AT-X raw? Thanks

  5. zaotaku says:

    I don’t think this series is released in HD. I think those raws are upscales

  6. anon says:

    Am I the only one having audio sync problems? Using CCCP + MPC of course.

  7. dc1293 says:

    I downloaded your copy from nyaatorrents. Is it just me or is the sound off timing with the video?

  8. dc1293 says:

    Wait it was just me, sorry if I caused any trouble. This is better than watching The Anime Network version thx for hard work. :)

  9. ragemoreryan says:

    The timing is off for me also.

    • ragemoreryan says:

      Oh wait, the video plays fine in windows media player, but not MPC HC. Oh the irony.

  10. Fix says:

    It’s a MKV with subtitle.ass muxed?
    I have a spanish fansub and i need the .ass file, please reply, commie are the best!!!

  11. Derp says:

    >We had 6 editors, 4 typists, and 2 timers.

    You forgot QC, this episode needed some. Also dat sub timing at the end of the episode.

  12. RyokoandAyekaLover says:

    for those with audio sync problems got o ffdshow..then go to H.264/AVC,next to it by default has libavcodec. change that to ffmpeg-mt. after you do that re-select the video and the sync should be fine.

  13. ziel says:

    i was hoping to see if this release will have better video quality than HSD001_JAPANB_AN_H264_Hi [TheAnimeNetwork High School of the Dead version, but only to find out that it is not better.

  14. Vst says:

    Ya… I’m not going to update all my codecs and mess with the settings to play this fucked up encode. Nice try though..

  15. anon says:

    @Vst: I agree. When this file is the only one of thousands that gives problems, it’s pretty clear that the user is not at fault.

  16. Shampoo says:

    ahahahaha some azns are mad as hell @ jaka.

  17. dc1293 says:

    The last 3 lines _before the preview) were off, this is diferent to the sound issue.

  18. ReadingComprehension says:


    You guys are idiots. The Post said “Newest version of MKVMerge is a bit funny.” This means you will have the same problems with encodes from other groups in the future too.

  19. Gungrave223 says:

    lol no1 does v2 better than commie

  20. anon says:

    So because Commie is using broken software, I should use some shitty beta CCCP version and just hope that it doesn’t screw over anything?

    I’d rather that people just fix their stuff. When there is a new proper version of CCCP, I’ll upgrade.

    • RHExcelion says:


      More like, we used the newest version of MKVMerge. Your old version of CCCP isn’t compatible with default settings yet, but CCCP is too lazy to release one of their beta builds.

  21. Tiggerz says:

    hardo-boiled rage-clusterfuck \o/ …

  22. whimpy toast forever says:

    I don’t want to buy coreavc only for this.

  23. Ewan says:

    Do you have the .ass file of this series? Tnx! Commie rocks!!!

  24. anon says:

    Problems seem gone with v2. Thanks for caring, guys.

  25. aka says:

    can anyone help me with file patch v2. How can i use this file patch? Thanks

  26. aka says:

    i use the command as you show us but it say that xdelta is not a recognized as a internal or external command

  27. Crimson7 says:

    Step-by-step instructions on using patch please…

  28. Gungrave223 says:

    Thx for the re-release, keep up the hard work guys

  29. troolie says:

    Windows users should get the program named “xdelta”. Then from the command prompt, type
    xdelta.exe patch patch.xdelta3 originalfile.mkv destinationfile.mkv

    Linux users should install xdelta3 and type
    xdelta3 -d -s originalfile.mkv patch.xdelta3 destinationfile.mkv

    PS: don’t be a retard, modify destinationfile.mkv, originalfile.mkv and patch.xdelta3 the match the actual filenames.

  30. jadesterne says:

    patch with xdelta3


    just extract this to the v1 folder and run .bat file.

  31. yaro says:

    nice patch…couldn’t just go it as an .ass file, huh? thanks…

  32. aka says:

    Thanks RHExcelion , i get it. For those who don’t know how to use this patch, just do like i said:
    1/download xdelta here
    2/ Rename it to xdelta3.exe
    3/ Copy it to the same folder with xdelta and HSOD v1 file
    4/ Rename the xdelta file to anything you like, but it must be short . I change it to 1.xdelta3
    5/ Try the command
    xdelta3 -d 1.xdelta3.

  33. jadesterne says:

    Patch MU link on my post get error.

    This is the new one. :D

  34. xgraphy says:

    I swear the bgm at the end was heavily based on something else. I think it’s from 28 Days Later or similar.
    As a Left4Dead player I have to watch this, but the service is bad :( I’m a straight chick dammit, gimmie some terribly drawn man muscle to hurr at!

  35. quake2 says:

    [Zero-Raws] HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD – 01 RAW (ATXHD 1280×720 x264 AAC).mp4

    this raw is pretty High Quality, why don’t you try it guys.

  36. Unellymay says:

    No 720 = Sadface.Jpeg

  37. FlashGordon says:

    We had a funky time making this anime.

  38. deadman80 says:

    For those bitching about no HD, I just watched the version with theanimenetwork source (which is 720p) and this one is actually better quality. Sharper detail, cleaner motion frames, etc… Plus no perma-watermark XD

    In other words, get this version XD

    BTW Commie Sub Staff: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF JIGGLY ASSKICKING HIGHSCHOOL GIRLS DO NOT DROP THIS SHOW!!! ._.;;; It looks like every other group I found that planned to do it has already dropped it due to the shitty time slot >.<;;;;
    I'm hurtin' bad for my Saeko fix ;_; /sadface that she had like 5sec airtime in this episode and zero lines

  39. deadman80 says:

    m(_ _)m Please forgive the double post..

    Just wanted to mention that the Sentai subs had several errors that I noticed and a somewhat unnatural flow in a couple places. You guys should be proud for putting out a product superior to the offical version XD

    Their credits said they had 1x TL + 1x script writer/subtitler as the entire subbing staff -_-;;

    • RHExcelion says:

      Finally, someone with a bit of sense. Nobody cares about double posting here.

    • ArmyofDarkness says:

      I don’t mean anything personal to Commie or yourself when I say this. But they had 1 translator and 1 script writer yet they got their stream up and working before any raws even came out. You have to give them some credit for speed alone.

  40. lawrry says:

    there is no official 720 until friday. the current versions were just upscales.

  41. KFH says:

    This some good stuff keep up the good work guys.

  42. KFH says:

    I meant to say this is some good stuff,anyways I like what you guys are doing with heroman and house of five leaves.

  43. Gariya says:

    Will you guys sub the uncensored version?

  44. Anon says:

    You still did a much better job then the other groups so far even with a v2.

    Not westernizing/trolling with the subs goes a long way.

  45. stormsworder says:

    will you be doing the 720 when it comes out on Friday? I just finished watching CoalGuys version and wow, did i see some wrong translation (or could have gone with literal than American equivalent)

    @deadman80: Heh. Another Saeko fan :3 I like her too, but i wish she wasn’t a partial sadist. If it wasn’t for that, she would be one of the most normal character types…sorta

  46. im gay says:

    please post a 1080p. i cannot watch my animes unless they are 1080p/flac with a combined bitrate of at least 10000kbps

  47. ranggaw0636 says:

    Yay, at last HOTD the anime :p

  48. stormsworder says:

    @im gay: have fun looking for 1080…that’s when the BDs come out.

  49. ugzz says:

    @ patch problem people: just dload the new v2, seed it until you die, call it a day.

    btw im new to commiesubs entirely, but you guys are awesome

  50. hknuddv says:

    That. Was. Awesome.

    Tits, Bullets and Blood!
    The perfect combination :D