Horizon 11

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This show is awesome.

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25 Responses to “Horizon 11”

  1. Kuroneko says:

    woot thanks :3

  2. Progeusz says:

    YES. Such a shame I have to learn right now… wait for me, Horizon.

  3. MagicPower says:

    Really? I’m just watching it to skip time :|
    Thanks for the release tho :]

  4. someone says:

    thanks and yes it’s awesome!

  5. Brolato says:

    “This show is awesome.”


  6. ondi says:

    Super awesome. Thank you Commie.

  7. random says:

    i hope you will do the season 2 when it will be released

  8. Kyzoryn says:

    Really? Maybe I’ll watch it.

  9. Petrushka says:

    i am awesome

    so do Horizon


  10. Hayate says:

    awesome as ever

  11. wantei says:


  12. miloscorp says:

    thx a lot for the episode

  13. NoName says:

    I could watch Neito wreck shit with her chains all day long.

  14. mascthemoney says:

    that’s how i march too.

  15. Recently says:

    Great show, too bad so many people dropped it after ep 1 (which was a bit overwhelming admittedly).

    Hope s2 gets greenlit for sure.

  16. ricz says:

    Thanks but it’s argent chaine right? not argent shayna :/

    Well I hope that you will pick the season 2 “if its happen” :/

  17. ondi says:

    Season 2 is going to start on April 2012.

  18. macxxx007 says:

    Yes… awesome… after the 1st episode, the next few episodes were a bit “filler-ish” but it picked up and I THANK THEM FOR IT!

    Thanks so much for the episode! IT IS TURNING AWE~SOME~


  19. Fag It says:

    My body is so fucking ready! Horizon-chan is mai waifu!

  20. K-tet says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s awesome. It’s interesting, and it keeps me entertained, but by no means is it awesome. In fairness, it’s only ‘pretty good’. It would’ve been full of fail if it weren’t for episode 6 picking things up again!

  21. distrit says:

    Hell it is!


  22. BananowyJE says:

    OH MAI GAWD! This is such an epic win! It started little strange but it got awesome in instant. Shame tho that it is so short. Looking at the LN I just hoped for it being at least 26ep series. But hearing that there will be 2nd season makes me super happy! Good work Commie!