Horizon 12

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Side note:
If you’re ever feeling bored waiting between releases you can always check the comments various staff leave in the subs. Alternatively, you can use a subtitle renderer that doesn’t support comments.

Random choice quotes:
…when we of Musashi use these powers to oppose each other.{HALLELUJAH IT’S A FULL STOP LONG LIVE THE FULL STOP TERMINATOR OF INTERMINABLE RANTS}{till iro-iro}

{\i1}He’s insane!{YOU GOT THAT RIGHT SISTER}{Amen}

Huh? Sir Tori, aren’t you done yet?{NO HE AIN’T}

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41 Responses to “Horizon 12”

  1. ricz says:

    Next week is the last epi :(

  2. Recently says:

    Wish this was 2 seasons long and guilty crown was 1 :(

  3. sharm says:

    Didn’t know Guilty Crown was gonna be 2 seasons, is this true???

  4. Conan_Edogawa says:

    I find it funny people are upset the final episode is next week. I guess they didn’t bother to learn there’s going to be a second season sometime next year.

  5. User1412 says:

    Thks much for the anime

  6. Petrushka says:

    and i’ll cry D:

  7. AsDumbAs4chan says:

    Wait, this isn’t 2 seasons long?

  8. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks so much! Had a feeling this was coming today… and don’t fret, ricz… I’m sure there’s going to be a 2nd season… I mean, THEY HAVEN’T COLLECTED ALL THE ARMORS OF SIN YET!


  9. oBb says:

    I scream “DOWNLOAD FASTER, BITCH!” at my torrent client that’s downloading with 0.3 Mbit. It drops to 25kb/s.

  10. mascthemoney says:

    lol penultimate? really? we could’ve had 300 side stories for each of the characters… but nooooooooo

  11. jesper says:

    I’d better read you’retube comments.

  12. Steven says:

    thanks :3

  13. wantei says:

    actually there will be a continuation next year. It was officially announced check it out –

  14. auro says:

    think you have a spelling error @17:30, assuming you meant “Don’t let the Far East take the power of a Deadly Sin” instead of “Don’t let the Far Easy take the power of a Deadly Sin”.

  15. auro says:

    looks like someone dropped a d @20:17 as well. original line is “I was surprised when I heard you practice making breakfast”, assuming you meant “practiced”

  16. laovniux says:

    About those subtitle comments… How to see them ? :D (using CCCP)

  17. anonymous says:

    Nura when?

  18. Rev25 says:

    The episode seems to have some problems, it doesn’t work properly i can’t see the subs and it has glitches, does anyone else seem to have this same problem?

  19. Break says:

    @Recently well its extremely likely they will have more seasons, tis season only coovers the first two books (which are called volume 1-part 1 and volume 1-part 2 officially) after all. andits likely to sell well… theyll just have a break between the seasons, to look how well it sells and to preserve quality, with the budget after all and all.

  20. Rev25 says:

    Please Disregard last comment as i just fixed the problem, it seems the codec was acting weird so i had to uninstall it and install it again.

  21. Alex says:

    Thanks for the episode.

  22. moshi moshi jesus desu says:

    The Far Easy
    wonderful typo is wonderful

    there will be a second season just no set air date last I heard

  23. DarkE says:

    Thanks ~
    Epic typesetting once again :3

  24. auro says:

    hmm…still reads awkward to me that way, would think if you’re talking about an event in the past in present tense it would be “heard you were practicing”.

    On the flip side, here I am arguing grammar on subs I get for free on the internet, so to karmically balance my complaining: Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.

  25. qaz says:

    I’ve just made special mode in my subs renderer to see the comments. Many were nice, but “parallel blogging” was ugly boring.

  26. Fag It says:

    At long last Horizon-chan gets the screentime she deserves! Hope she’s the protagonist of the 2nd season, Tori can be supporting cast.

    Perchance to dream. Now time to unveil the comments of the fagishly elite from behind their iron curtain of coding…

  27. ondi says:

    I love the typesetting.
    And yeah since horizon is this thick:
    Probably 2 or 3 seasons or even 4 seasons, depends on the budget though.

    • ExplodingLemons says:

      um good lord thats a lot of reading. Anyone know if someone is working on a translation?

      • ExplodingLemons says:

        nvm I found a translation on bakatsuki. But it hasnt gone past to first half of the first volume yet

  28. b says:

    OMG WHAT IS THE SONG STARTING AT 20:20?!?! can’t wait for the OST

  29. Progeusz says:

    “you can always check the comments various staff leave in the subs”

  30. Drake says:

    It gonna be a season 2, how could they just make the incident that happened in a few days to end the series. Plus, the novels are thick as dictionary, they need more eps to express

  31. Zero says:

    wtf?? i want 25 min of my life bak. i thought it was gonna be all out fighting. not tlk andn tlk in parallel(?)… <..>