Horizon 14


Should be multitudes faster next week.

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40 Responses to “Horizon 14”

  1. Gen says:


  2. Flan says:

    HYPE \o/

  3. Jayse says:

    Thank you kindly.

  4. anti CR says:

    everyone do the happy dance

  5. Mr.Cheese says:

    Totally worth waiting :)

  6. Proud fapper says:

    Fuck yeah.. it’s Whorizon time!

  7. Solaristics says:

    l0l Dat file size. -Says it before anyone else does. Doesn’t bother me since I have tons of HD’s.

    Just curious though what made it 100MB bigger than Horrible’s?

  8. anggie_yougayme says:

    finally mate. . .

  9. Petrushka says:

    Yeah. Horizon should be faster than this!

  10. Passerby says:

    >thieving slut

    >not dirty whore

    Ya blew it.

  11. cloud04 says:

    hagure is next?

  12. PigSupreme says:

    Why’d you change the filename? Now I’ll have to rename them all.

  13. anonymous says:

    Why is male nudity okay and not female nudity? Why couldn’t it open with Horizon’s ass.

  14. Shadowakumu says:

    oh finally <3 cant wait till finished download

  15. Aster says:

    Greatest love story of all time is back :>

  16. trololol says:

    waiting till DL completed for awesomeness… thx

  17. kaedie says:

    lol inb4 complaining about filesize, if you can’t download a 500mb-1gig file regularly just download a 480p copy ;; else dun complain ^^

  18. frizky says:

    shakespeare? the fuck?

  19. macxxx007 says:


    I knew it was coming! Thanks for the episode and I have no problem waiting! YOUR SUBS ROCK!


  20. Merc says:

    Fuck yeah!!

  21. shark0week0 says:

    So I take it from now on you won’t be using CR’s script?

  22. NoName says:

    >Commie will never sub Horizon

    It can’t be helped

  23. Anifan says:

    just got back from sailing the boat back from wales, there is alot to catch up on, to start HORIZON!!!

  24. CJ says:

    yay. I’ve been waiting for yours to come out.

  25. Kinoko says:

    So do you guys use CR’s script for other shows a lot? I didn’t realize you did that at all. You’re not using CR’s video at least, right?

    • Xythar says:

      I’m pretty sure we’re using edited CR scripts for everything we’re doing this season except Hyouka. It’s not always the case (we translated four shows ourselves last season) but there’s no point in translating something that has a simulcast available.

      I don’t think we are currently using CR video for any shows but we may switch to it if it offers better quality on a case-by-case basis.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      >So do you guys use CR’s script for other shows a lot?


      Only since, y’know, the beginning of the group.

  26. bbo says:

    *step step step*
    HOH? (°.°)
    GUNYU? (o.o)?


  27. chad001 says:

    Watched the sex-jokes and Tori’s naked routine: funny as usual! Saw Ben Johnson, DAFUQ HAPPENED TO CAUSE THIS?