Horizon 16


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  1. Catastrophe says:

    time for some fucking DIPLOMACY, bitches!!!

  2. NoName says:

    More Diplomacy? That’s fine by me.

  3. Uldi says:

    EPIC is how everything is done in this series, no exceptions.

    Also, damn Horizon that was brutal. But probably the only way to get through to Tori; except sex, of course. Just, I hope the nut-shots stop soon. Especially the naked ones.

  4.   says:

    Should be renamed “censor in the middle of Aoi’s legs.”

  5.   says:

    Should be renamed “censor in the middle of Aoi’s legs.”

  6. bbo says:

    Is that only me, or does it really feel lik half of the haggling discussion is missing?

    • RHExcelion says:

      Did you read the typesetting?

      • bbo says:

        i read what I saw on the screen.
        I even paused the video several times and scrolled back just to understand what was going on..

        What I understood was they have meat.
        It’s already turning bad.
        They try to grease the english folks to let them stay with the promise of exchaning the meat, since they’re about to face the spanish armada in war, under the hood of a huge festival.

        Well, so far it’s logical, but what was happening on screen was weird.

        Something is amiss, some sort of coordination. Maybe thats a “testament factor” or some crap, but it feels like there is something unspoken between the characters.

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          Random convo from staff about this exact thing

          <fnord> okay guys i have a question
          <fnord> that trade shit with the meat in horizon
          <fnord> did any of you understand that
          <fnord> because in spite of my considerable intellect i am entirely clueless
          <jdp> they have meat from the whole exploding building thing in s1
          <jdp> it’s about to expire
          <fnord> exploding building?
          <jdp> the giant power plant thing
          <fnord> okay they have meat
          <fnord> it lasts for another month
          <jdp> 2 weeks
          <fnord> two weeks
          <fnord> right
          <jdp> they want to :build relations: with england since they’re pretty much numero uno on the world’s shit list
          <fnord> yeah i understand that, what i dont understand is how the prices are related
          <fnord> and what the fair has to do with it aside from providing a chance to sell it covertly to england
          <jdp> trustbuilding and shit
          <jdp> economic circlejerk
          <fnord> no no, the one girl says something like “he just cut off some days, now we wont make a profit anymore; he must be trying to earn it back by way of the festival”
          <fnord> or something like that
          <fnord> that makes no sense to me
          <jdp> they want to make them use the meat before it can go bad and they get caught
          <fnord> but what does the profit have to do with how long the festival is
          <jdp> more time to sell shit
          <fnord> but where is the expense in it
          <fnord> theyre talking about a profit margin reached after some time
          <fnord> for one thing, they have only england to sell it to
          <fnord> but more importantly, they got it practically out of thin air
          <jdp> got what
          <aethon> this reminds me of Spicy Wolf
          <fnord> the meat
          <aethon> none of that econ shit in season 2 made any fucking sense at all
          <jdp> well
          <fnord> mazuis translation of that season was mediocre though
          <jdp> either they bought the meat when they docked there
          <jdp> or they yanked it when everything went tits up
          <jdp> i guess they know they can’t blow through it before it expires so they figure they’ll try to pawn it off on england and make some dosh
          <fnord> yeah but if theyre desperately trying to sell it, the time it takes them to sell it makes no difference
          <fnord> as long as its less than two weeks
          <jdp> no they need the festival period to be a certain amount of time
          <fnord> yes, but why
          <jdp> they said something like england will go into “party mode” and use more resources than normal
          <jdp> so they have to make sure they blow through the food before the two weeks are up
          <Fugiman> fnord, the longer the festival, the more food consumed
          <fnord> oh thats right there was such a line

  7. P001 says:

    Something about meat, then suddenly a festival appeared in the discussion and then they were haggling time limits up and down… Yup.