Horizon 3

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  1. Kunagisa says:


  2. mascthemoney says:

    wow that pic makes this series a lot better to understand. i just liked to hear ryoko shiraishi’s voice.

  3. blackice85 says:

    Thanks for the release, and the timeline as well. Confusing plot is confusing.

  4. Anonatron says:


  5. AMg says:

    99% of the resources allocated to the fan service. 1% on the story, plot and character development.

    That’s how I see it. :\

    • Petrushka says:

      but people sure love fan service, don’t they? :P

      • AMg says:

        Sadly, most of them do. It’s entertainment and you cannot run from run-off-the-mill/tried-and-true method(s) even it’s so retarded.

        But, this show is trying too hard to excel on fan service part.

        Meh, haters like me will still gonna hate. :3

  6. ifonly ; ; says:

    if only you would sub Gintama, then it would be Heaven on Earth…

    • Diedreallyhard says:

      the old subbers are picking them up again (with nice pace too)but its gonna be awhile to reach the latest eps tho

  7. Blarg says:

    I thought that Horizon didn’t have a plot?

    • Nitzors says:

      Horizon is probably one of the most plot heavy shows I’ve seen. Well, the LN I guess, look at how big each volume is.

    • (~o_o)~ says:

      Lesson to be learned: Have your own opinion before you bias it on someone who is belittling it.

      This anime is intriguing, and without the fanservice it would be all too serious. I do not mind either way.

      @ifonly: If that isn’t a joke, then that is just asking to be sued (or C&D) which is why no one is doing it.

      • airco says:

        You think we care about C&Ds?

        • (~o_o)~ says:

          When the time comes, you (or this “we”‘ you speak for) will.

          EG: http://www.dannychoo.com/post/en/19622/Rapelay.html

          There are nice sites like these too: http://www.chillingeffects.org/notice.cgi?sID=61712

          • johnny_dickpants says:

            We don’t care about C&Ds.
            We’ve never gotten one.
            Our website isn’t hosted in a place where the DMCA applies.

            None of us watch gintama/have any interest in doing endless Jump shows, so that’s why we’re not doing it.

            • (~o_o)~ says:

              “…But what about shows with official/legal streams?
              The answer is still “no”.
              The world is bigger than what R1 licenses cover, and *****se is an international group (in fact, about half the group is European, another half is Asian, the third half is unsure and the final half refuses to say).
              Sorry, but we won’t abandon the rest of the world simply because someone bought the R1 license.
              … Sending us threatening letters will not be appreciated, nor result in any action being taken.”

              I am very, very aware of your loophole, its abused internationally and one of the reasons why government wants control over the net. I’ll C&D from saying anything more since I like Commie.

              I-I haven’t been st-stalking you guys for over a year because I want to.

          • Petrushka says:

            C&D fuck!
            my windows is pirated

            who cares? me? not!

    • mascthemoney says:

      i’m guessing this is one of those shows that starts off slowly then rollercoasters into madness? i mean, they’re preparing for a war to start. haven’t read the LN/Manga, but i suspect the story will pick up soon. not every anime starts off with a girl falling out of the sky 2 minutes in. hope u enjoy the series though.

  8. articuzwolf says:

    fvck you’re awesome mate

  9. فارس says:

    broken DDl link
    can you fix is please

  10. pacman2 says:


  11. ReinWeiss says:


    Is there some particular reason you are intentionally fucking up the names? Tori/Toori is whatever (though long vowels should be respected), but spelling Margot’s last name as “Neito” when its clearly “Naito” in Kana, and there is already a character named “Neit”, pronounced completely differently? And changing “Gacchan” to “Malga” for really no good reason.

    I’m gonna fix it for you, but this is really stupid shit.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      They’ve decided to fix the names starting next episode. Your… ‘services’, such as they are, will not be required next week.

  12. bob says:


    figured as much, but as people are stupid – thanks for that.

  13. Fag It says:

    That timeline + staring at Horizon theme all week = My body is ready.

  14. Ibitro says:

    Thanks for the summary, because the last time I was this confused was when I fell asleep in my grandparents house during the day and woke up in a stranger’s house at night.

  15. M00Tnotreally says:

    Superb job as always comrades.

  16. IZEROII says:

    You guys rock!

  17. macxxx007 says:

    oooooh… so THAT is what this show is about… roflmao…

    Thanks so much for the episode! Hope you have a good night! CIAO! SEE YOU NEXT TIME!


  18. skovacs1 says:

    I sort of got that plot from the episodes so far, but it seemed so random and confusing that I wasn’t sure if I was following it correctly. Having some clear confirmation is much appreciated.

    Thanks for the episode and the timeline.

  19. Snarkles says:

    Thanks for the timeline, it’s more or less what I understood.. except for this ‘parallel world’ part, I had just assumed they had.. gone higher up in the atmosphere.

    And despite all the ridiculous hair and busts, I’m still expecting great things from this show(the first three episodes for any great plot always are..)

  20. randomfag says:

    it’s like HOTD all over again.

  21. Merushi says:

    “How to make an anime” for dummies:
    Write an amazing story with lots of information, science-fiction, action and complicated turn of events.
    Then start your anime at the end of that story and make it into slice-of-life fanservice comedy.

  22. Odin says:

    Thanks Picture was much needed:)

  23. Walo says:

    Am I dumb for still not figuring the story out?

  24. XerBlade says:

    9 is the best part so far. But here is how the rest of it goes.

    10) Band of kids have funny hijinks for no reason and all is well except for their stupidity constantly blowing up in their faces.

    11) Band of kids meet random bad guy.

    12) Fight starts.

    13) Random bad guy rambles about philosophy.

    14) Idiot lead says something stupid which pisses bad guy off.

    15) Random bad guy beats them up.

    16) Random bad guy says “fool.”

    17) Idiot lead says something stupid that somehow proves his philosophy is right, gets up, and uses some kind of super attack that he for some reason couldn’t have used before.

    18) Repeat from 10.

    So, when all is said and done, the overall best part is 16.

  25. ghibhi says:

    that actually sounds slightly interesting….

  26. niggerbrother says:

    The amount of retard in this show is ridiculous. So much so that it gets in the way of the rather well-done action scenes. So I think it’s justified if I decide to stop watching this one and assume that this show’s audience is as retarded as its content matter.

    • XerBlade says:

      You’re just not clinically insane enough to appreciate this show.
      And neither am I. Now, I’m going to back out of here slowly before Michael Myers or Norman Bates or somebody stabs me out of nowhere….

  27. yamo says:

    i dont know the graphic makes this anime sound like some fucked up shit

  28. jindo90 says:

    @whoever says this anime is shit: Dont mind an anime you cant appriciate.
    Say thank Commie for delivering this anime. Each of the novel volume is a fat door-stopper.
    Unrelated but Chiwa Saito’s voice makes me fall in love with the silly sister.