Horizon 6

Getting some work done while this Motrin still works

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Edit: Due to such high praise we decided to promote the typesetter for this show for his efforts.

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30 Responses to “Horizon 6”

  1. Petrushka says:


    >new episode

    ohh i love it!

    (* ̄▽ ̄*)

  2. ondi says:

    I love you Commie :D !

  3. Teri says:

    Fuck yes! Now go to bed and get better.

  4. Mirai Nikki says:

    go back to sleep!

  5. Otaku Gaijin Kurosawa says:


  6. Kunagisa says:

    (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

  7. Shin says:

    Many thanks. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Mal says:

    Get some rest you fool.
    Also, mucho thanks for chinese cartoons.

  9. mascthemoney says:

    my subs have an attitude now? or they learned manners when scrolling text/episode titles are present?

  10. BDark says:

    Thanks a lot for this release! :D Hope you get better by tomorrow. x3

  11. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks… but really, go ahead and rest… that is the most important thing to do for someone who is sick

  12. bob says:

    are you crazy? you have a flu for fucks sake, get to bed, slurp some tea and sleep, damnit.
    Several people got inflicted with heart defects from not stepping down a gear or two when they fell sick with that shit!

    And ibuprofen isn’t a cureall, you know. Don’t read email, don’t check your facebook, stay away from the fucking net until you feel better WITHOUT painkillers.

  13. Einst says:

    may i ask why you address Masazumi/Seijun as “He”? while its clear that “He” actually “She”

    • RHExcelion says:

      We did? I thought I changed them all.

      • Einst says:

        you can check at 06:54 to 07:11 they refer to masazumi but the text were “he” and “his”

    • jindo90 says:

      But wasnt Masazumi supposed to be changed into male, in the previous episode? “He” would make sense. “He” is regarded as his father’s son too.

      • Einst says:

        If you watching this series then you would know that the transgender surgery stopped midway, which leaves masazumi still a girl but with no breast aka girl with flat chest.

        • Jukey says:

          But what definitively defines gender? How does Masazumi herself identify?

          • dizzle83 says:

            Ooh, deep! You pretty much have to go with the story here, which is that plans were made to have Masazumi become the male heir, but were not carried through. I think. I will not pretend to understand this anime very well.

            Also, I found the flying, moving text pretty entertaining. Thanks for the release, and rock on, Typesetter-dude!

  14. Mastermavrick says:

    /salute thanks for the work while your sick. Hopefully you feel better tomorrow, rest liquids and chicken soup =D

  15. Progeusz says:

    My subs are swimming along with the title, lol.

    Go to bed and drink warm tea with lemon and honey! Also, force your imouto/waifu to make you rice porridge.

  16. Tenshi no Ikari says:

    I’m not sure if your typesetter had enough fun while moving the subs out of the informational text’s way.

    Anyways, another great release!

  17. Ruka says:

    Anyone getting really high CPU while playing the video? For some reason, I’m getting it.

  18. Fag It says:

    I extend a communist solute to you for releasing while ill. You are a god among fags, RHE.

  19. AMg says:

    Classy typesetting :3

    I’ve a feeling this will exceed 12 episodes.

    Why the flat chest groping has no censor? This is a discrimination!

    Get well, komrad. :3

  20. roflcopter says:

    dat typesetting