Horizon 9/UN-GO 6+7/Chihayafuru 8

Horizon 9
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Chihayafuru 8
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93 Responses to “Horizon 9/UN-GO 6+7/Chihayafuru 8”

  1. elianthos says:

    thank you for the new Un-Go :D.

    P.S.: sorry to ask here but… I tried join your channel for leeching purposes and it turns out my Ip is… banned from your chan? I haven’t gone on IRC in a while but last time I did everything was fine. I have a dynamic IP , yet I tried connecting and unconnecting my modem but still no luck. Sooo… could you unban my present Ip >.< pretty please? it's 84dot223dot254dot90 and my nick is elianthos.

  2. nINJAkECIL says:

    Any plan to sub Bunny Drop 3.5? It’s been out, eh?

    Anyway, thx for the effort in making anime fansub an interesting (again) with your subs.


  3. Brolato says:

    Did anyone else have an issue at 22:05 on Horizon?

    It stopped for like two seconds then resumed up with no interaction on my part, multiple attempts.

    Not outrageous but curious if it’s just me/why.

    • the_trooper says:

      it’s probably your player having issues displaying that TS’ed line saying “letter of recommendation for something something”

      I have no problems in my end.

      • Brolato says:

        Odd, what player are you using if you don’t mind me asking?

        • the_trooper says:

          mpc-hc + lav filters + madvr

          but it can be a lack of cpu power. Check if you have a spike in cpu usage in that particular moment.

          You can also try a player that is less demanding on the cpu like mplayer2.

    • Csiko says:

      I actually had the same problem using MPC.

  4. Greg the Mad says:

    What the…?

    Is that HTML5 or Java, or plain old magic?

  5. Heisenburg says:

    HOLYSHIT epic post now..I suppose I’m lucky it waits for me to open it before it plays music…

  6. Smrth says:

    that jquery shit wasnt needed…

  7. Ibitro says:


  8. pacman2 says:


  9. Progeusz says:

    You’ve done it again :D
    Awesome typesetting is awesome.

  10. Fono says:

    And then Horizon was my favorite anime of the season.


    Also, someone should totally link an image of either the spread from this ep’s ending or the color spread from the novels used in this post. I can’t find either, but I’ll go back to looking.

  11. Mushyrulez says:

    And I thought Horizon sucked.

    I want to go back to the past and punch myself in the face.


  12. HurDerp says:

    I can’t find the link for the torrent is Horizon episode 9 out or not?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      It’s there. If the post is fucked up for you just go to TT, it’ll save you trouble.

      • dizzle83 says:

        Aye, the rumored amazing post doesn’t work for me either. I just hear music and see a shit-ton of comments. The torrent list is still reliable though.

        As for the episode, it seems Typesetter-kun is still hard at work. Good man.

        Is this series seriously only slated for 13 episodes? We’re on 9 and it feels like it hasn’t even started yet . . .

      • HurDerp says:

        Ok I’ve figured out the problem I’m using Opera and the link doesn’t appear, but when I tried again with Explorer the link was on the image. So for those who can’t find the link try it with Explorer.

  13. basement dad says:

    :D. Someone is having fun with jquery. Maybe work-related?
    At least, where I work, we do some jquery shit atm.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      It’s CSS. Arnavion’s currently having a cow over these comments.

      • basement dad says:

        Ok, lol. Seems we all were too fast judging that by pressing ctrl+u , ctrl+f jquery, found some jquery functions in file. Ok, jquery. Lol, like ducktyping. But wtf. This is only css3? Badass. W/e. I hope after that project I’m working on right now, I don’t have to do any html5/css for a long time. Webdevelopment is roflwafl. A friend of mine ranted over it yesterday. WTF is this shit, css has no center. If you want to center, set the positions with pixels, etc ..or some dirty fix with tables? Rofl, then just use tables for layouting (which one shouldn’t do, bla bla).

  14. DeaN says:

    for Horizon… @ 17.45 … is the word really ‘abstract’?
    I’m merely guessing.. but shouldn’t it be ‘extract’…

  15. mascthemoney says:

    lol @ UNKO – 07, around 13:00 i thought i was seeing stuff, but i forgot they were at a movie set.

  16. Kyzoryn says:

    Damn this post is pretty badass

  17. cloud_firaga says:

    wow love how this post was made just had to say something about it

  18. Lorene says:

    Thanks for introducing a little rtaionliaty into this debate.