Horizon Batch

[audio:Ikou ze Minna – Katou Tatsuya – Kyoukaisen-jou no Horizon Original Soundtrack.mp3|autostart=yes|loop=yes]

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62 Responses to “Horizon Batch”

  1. ondi says:

    Horizon !! Do the BDs, Commie. ;_;

  2. Xythar says:

    a batch?? what is this sorcery

  3. airco says:



    Ahaha oh wait

  4. dingbat says:

    60th best show of 2011.

    • Dark_Sage says:

      Fuck you. This show had more balls than a gay bar.

      Every real man has this on his top ten of 2011 alongside Ben-to and Hanasaku Iroha. That’s just how it is.

      • anonymous says:

        I can agree with you for Hanasaku and possibly Bento, but this anime really doesn’t cut it.

        10 for one year is kind of a lot, i think…

        Fate/Zero Part 1
        Ano Hana
        Usagi Drop
        Steins Gate
        TWGOK 2
        I guess I can throw Bento in here.

        After those, it really starts to get into the mediocre ones just to fill a “top 10”.

        Granted I havent watched some yet.. Mawaru Penguindrum, Blue Exorcist, Hourou Musuko, and maybe a few others.

        Obviously Horizon would be much better if you are familiar with the source, and maybe it is the target audience. However, I do believe a show should stand alone somewhat. I’ve never played Persona, but Persona 4 is plenty watchable with no prior knowledge. From what I understand, Horizon is pretty complex, and the anime just doesn’t do it justice.

  5. Kortaku says:

    Where find music? :3

  6. oBb says:

    I wish I’d be half as lucky in my retardedness as that guy.

  7. oBb says:

    xdelta3.exe corrupted, link to download: http://xdelta.org/

  8. Derp says:

    Welp at least one good thing came out of this batch. Finally got around to getting this glorious as fuck soundtrack.

  9. Uldi says:

    This was the played during the scene when Horizon goes all badass with the Armor of Deadly Sins they’d captured, isn’t it? When she demonstrates what the REAL owner of these weapons can do with them.

  10. anggie_yougayme says:

    this is it

  11. dickless says:

    This is FUCKING it!!!!!!!

  12. Feyline says:

    I was looking through the ost I have and found this song under the name Giron no Jikan da, I do not know which is the right name though XD

  13. Esker says:

    When will someone create a patcher that uses hashes to identify its targets and not filenames? Because I rename every episode I get and patching then becomes a total bitch.

    A decent GUI would be another option.

  14. Esker says:

    Okay, a little bit of Google-fu turned up this little application, which does the job admirably, if one-at-a-time: http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/598/

  15. Fag It says:

    This post has set a new standard by which all subsequent posts will be measured.

  16. lucheo says:

    nice music~ :)

  17. fu says:



  18. Progeusz says:

    Top3 of Fall, top10 of 2011. Can’t wait for 2nd season.

  19. vivant says:

    come here only to say: love the music =D

  20. LV4Hypocrite says:




  21. BIG FAN says:

    song :-

    Title: Ikou ze Minna, Artist: Katou Tatsuya

    their is a albume

  22. Howdy says:

    Lol just discovered something amazing – overlaping the song with one playing in the main page and one playing here with a couple seconds delay makes it sound way more epic than on its own!

    • V says:

      Good lord, I do believe this Jezzabelle is onto something here.

      Plus it’s on infinite loop therefore it’s infinite amounts of awesome in a jar +D+D

  23. Tai says:

    Aww there was no batch fr Tiger and Bunny. :( That, or I missed it.

  24. ChucklesNuts says:

    Some one at commie has it really hard for this series.

    Thanks for letting us be able to pause the music.

    Its’ a total bitch when a site just plays it and we have no control.

  25. SillyCow says:

    Katou Tatsuya is a god.

    He also did the OST for Hyakka Ryoura Samurai Girls.



  26. pacman2 says:

    What is this madness.

  27. Knofbath says:

    At least this time the script runs from commiesubs.com instead of fucking youtube… Noscript caught it right off so I can play it at my leisure.

  28. Tsunderella says:

    With this. . . .
    I’m ready for war.

  29. YukitoOnline says:

    I still haven’t found the version of this music… I seriously need the link to this music and not the OST since the OST doesn’t have this version…

  30. FichteFoll says:

    Just for confirmation: You do know that x86 executables run on x64 Windows machines?

  31. Water says:

    I’m getting some mad distortions, mostly on episode 1 though, the others look fine so far. Is it my codec? I¨m using Classic Media Player

  32. Stormsworder says:

    Glorious music. Haven’t heard anything this epic since Final Mission Quantum Burst from Gundam 00 Movie’s OST

  33. KuroTakashi says:

    Perverted Question: Is this batch uncensored?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      It’s just the TV episodes.

      • KuroTakashi says:

        While I know you guys here at Commie don’t usually do BDs, I’m really hoping you do since no one (that I know of) is doing them, and it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for the great work you guys do!

  34. MrIceFungus says:

    The song name is actually Giron no Jikan da, #7 in second CD

  35. […] Those looking for download sources for Horizon, you can download it from BakaBT (and the patch from Commie Subs directly). And yes, it was Commie’s webpage that had me hooked on the music. Can you blame […]

  36. redcookie says:

    How do you apply the patch. I tried the guide but page was not found so i dont know how to do it and google has abandoned me.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Use the “how to make a patch” guide’s second part. It’s basically the same thing.