Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere 25

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere 25

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26 Responses to “Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere 25”

  1. Daniel says:

    Yeah, really early this time, what no typesetting this episode?!

  2. Flan says:

    Isn’t this like.. 4 or 5 hours early O.o?

  3. mascthemoney says:

    50 times

  4. macxxx007 says:

    Hehehe… sweet… thanks so much! Have a great night!

  5. Catastrophe says:

    motherfuckig HO-RI-ZON time

  6. Perzona says:

    Nice, thanks! Do you by any chance have plans on doing the BDs for these?

    • torch says:

      Yes. (inb4 rhe says no right after I post this comment)

      I’m also shifting/re-QCing the first season’s scripts for the BDs. (Very slowly.)

  7. sharm says:

    My weekly fix of Horizon! YAY Thank you Commie!!

    Btw, i’m sorry to ask this out of the blue but is there anyway you guys could release a retimed .ass file of TWGOK blu-rays?? i’ve been looking and waiting for some groups to use your awesome subs but no one seems to wanna use it… pretty please?

  8. Icarus says:

    Hello. May I ask on what font you guys are using on the ED? It’s epic. :)

  9. Recently says:

    Hope they make a season 3, this series is too good.

  10. Reso says:

    Best. Misunderstanding. Ever.

  11. anon says:

    Fun fact: the word Futayo used to say “live (transmission)” at 00:13 also means “without condom”.

  12. Solaristics says:

    Just wondering its not regarding your guys releases, but when I watch some shows, examples like Gintama I notice the mouths moving before the sound comes up. Is this a Codec problem, or the video source itself?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Might be your computer.

      • Solaristics says:

        Highly doubt it, as it only happens to like the odd shows, Gintama, and like 2 other ones.

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          Horriblesubs? Might be CR then, they have weird framerate issues sometimes.

          • Solaristics says:

            Well only download I could find for Gintama was off Piratebay, which had all 252 episodes. Original sub format, etc.

            I guess its there end. Thank you for the time you took to answer ^^, and fuck no HorribleSubs is shit.

  13. Miu says:

    Thanks for the subs! Good job there.

    Any pointers as to when Hagure 12 will be coming out?