Well would you look at that, it’s February and we’re still poor as fuck

I combined the 4 parts into one video because Gainax was obviously trolling and didn’t bother to get a premium Youtube account. Everyone that releases this in 4 parts is thus also trolling.

Commie proudly presents– Hats and cute girls and vroom vroom vroom in space:

Houkago no Pleiades | DDL Later, I honestly waited an hour for fileserve to fucking finish and it still hasn’t.

A few notes: The Pleiades is a star cluster. The round thing claims he is from said star cluster and thus is dubbed a “Pleiadesian.”

Subaru is the Japanese word for the Pleiades. For clarity’s sake we decided to not localize “Subaru” as “Pleiades.” We also chose not to localize her friends as “Ford” and/or “Chevy” for obvious reasons.

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14 Responses to “HOUKAGO NO PLEIADES”

  1. SpiegelEiXXL says:

    Your FileServe didn’t finish aswell? Might aswell assume it’s a bug then :(

  2. nicky_008 says:

    Then, what’s about Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Lexus, Peugeot, Alpha Romeo, Audy, Maybach, Mercidess, BMW now… >_<

  3. bob says:

    It’s audi, nicky, not audy.

  4. bitmap says:

    The blob is called the “Pleiadian” on the website; thought you would have used that term instead. Oh well, not like it’s terribly important

  5. Peebs says:

    You guys never fail to amuse me. Thank you.

  6. qaz says:

    @1:50, the sign on the key is not translated. shame on you.

  7. edogawaconan says:

    who translated “obake” as “monster”. Fail.

  8. lol commie fail says:

    Wow I was about to download this shit but the comments saved my time.

    get your shit together commie