Hyouka 1


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41 Responses to “Hyouka 1”

  1. riki says:

    yes \o\ /o/

  2. FFF says:

    Too fast… Thanks!

  3. A man says:

    No thanks guys, I’ll wait for Mazui.

  4. A man says:

    Everyone Mazui subs are out, rejoice.

  5. Fag It says:

    Commie>all other fansub groups. Thank you for being superior, please don’t drop this show.

  6. Tsunderella says:

    i feel left out u guys

  7. […] I ended up translating this show for Commie, and I’m lovin’ […]

  8. Proud fapper says:

    This series = my high school life. With less pussy.

  9. xxon says:

    Whose bright idea was to use a serif font for this? Looks absolutely terrible.

  10. Petrushka says:

    >Mazui | Size: 241.38MB

    >gg | Size: 272.59MB

    >Commie | Size: 310.86MB

    That’s rare yours is the bigger one here


    Do I need to buy new glasses?

  11. ebv says:

    seriously dudes “barairo” -> rose colour, I don’t speak any japanese and even I manage to translate that. I mean COME ON!!!

  12. gfjw says:

    thanks for the episode :)

  13. bob says:

    btw is there any difference between funsub groups? I’ve watched animes from different groups and given that I don’t know Japanese any subs looks good for me – better than watching raws anyway.

    P.S. watching this show in mazui version though commie’s is good too, just because it is the only subs from mazui, and other shows I will watch subbed by commie (GJ btw)

    • herkz says:

      If you mean Hyouka then there is quite a big difference between our subs and the other two groups. And, of course, by that I mean ours are the only subs that actually sound good in English.

  14. Jim says:

    I always love your subs, Commie! I have to know, what is the name of the font you use for the Hyouka title? Thanks :)