Hyouka 10


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13 Responses to “Hyouka 10”

  1. hyouka a shit says:

    I’m surprised the staff didn’t fall asleep while subbing this.

  2. vivant says:

    yay another Hyouka~ thanks!

  3. chu says:

    Thank you for subbing Hyouka.

  4. some faggot editor says:

    >I have heard of his skill from three persons.

    Fuck you Xythar. It’s “people.” No one uses “persons” except on legal documentation and if they happen to be living a few centuries in the past.

    • herkz says:

      Don’t be mean. It’s not his fault he was raised learning the wrong kind of English.

    • Xythar says:

      Vale wrote that line but I left it because she speaks haughtily and it fits well. I’m sorry if you require all your characters to speak in the same generic way when you watch anime, but other groups may be able to assist you with that.