Hyouka 12



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  1. bacawk says:

    are you guys having problems with your trackers/seed/etc? been trying to torrent this thing for 5 minutes and it hasn’t downloaded anything. same thing happened with jintai 2.

    • herkz says:

      no, they have plenty of people who have already completed the download. must be a problem on your end

      • bacawk says:

        i mean, yeah it’s downloading now after i redownloaded the torrent file, but someone else had the same problem with jintai 2. my other animu torrents start up just fine

      • someguy says:

        Definitely no issues here cap’n, I’ve already finished both.

    • Petrushka says:

      wait for a while, dude

  2. K says:

    i’m having the same problem too actually

  3. Dexil says:

    I guess you’re not doing 11,5

    • RHExcelion says:

      Not the webrip, no.

      • RoflCat says:

        Just watched Mazui’s version of the webrip. 5 minutes in I delete the thing.

        The quality is just horrible and that giant notice covering the bottom 1/3rd doesn’t help.

      • Arekku says:

        Sorry to not know anything, but what do you mean by the webrip? It was aired online first? and if so, will there be an official , HQ version to use? Because the LQ from mazui isn’t cutting it..

        • herkz says:

          Not until the BD release which IIRC is out in January.


          • Arekku says:

            Thanks for replying!
            and thank the team for the great work on this show. I don’t download from anywhere else.

  4. saru says:

    “It a really old sci-fi manga.”

    It nice typesetting, at least.

  5. Xythar says:

    4/8 made me wake up to edit.

  6. vivant says:

    yay thanks!

  7. […] This episode has finally confirmed it: Mayaka is on drugs. This pretty much implies that Chitanda lives on LSD or something. As for sleeping pills, I have an ultimate solution for insomnia. When I had trouble sleeping with all the stress from exams back in the language school, just opening the Japanese grammar textbook made me fall asleep instantly. Not the best for the exams, but good for sleep. […]

  8. crystalmethsex says:


  9. crystalmethsex says:

    Chitanda as a penguin and the alternate ending credit sequence took that shit to the next level!! Thanks for bringing us this gem!