Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation 01


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31 Responses to “Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation 01”

  1. Anifan says:

    thanks ;D

  2. latios 93 says:

    Thank you guys!

  3. Zaton says:

    Any point in watching this if i had no contact with the games?

  4. DestinyWaits says:


  5. xDev says:


  6. Pendulum says:

    I never thought it was possible, but Commie, I have to hand it to you. You somehow made a script worse than anything even NISA could ever come up with. Congratulations.

    • Haidaraaaaa says:

      Care to explain further? Or are you just going to be that same kind of leecher who never gives any examples and just says it’s shit?

      • DestinyWaits says:

        yes he is, dont mind of him :)

      • paradox says:

        Well i don’t think the script is that bad, but sometime I find your translations way too localised. And by localized I mean that not everyone watching your subs is american…

        • Xythar says:

          Not everyone who works on them is American either (for this show only the typesetter is, in fact). Personally, I’m Australian and it gets a little annoying constantly being accused of Americanising scripts far beyond the comprehension of international minds. If I can understand it, I’m pretty sure you can.

        • herkz says:

          Neither the editor nor the translator are American, so rest assured, it’s not “Americanized”.

    • Xythar says:

      Please, you’re too kind.

      While turning out a script in NISA’s style is my aim, I hold no illusions of being anywhere close to as good as them (especially when I had to edit two-thirds of the script on a plane and the other third in a hurry on a shitty wifi connection in Dubai)

      But I will do my best.

      • totlmstr says:

        You’re doing a very good job! As a side-by-side, I actually prefer your script than Funimation’s, considering the source material. It also looks like you’ve been playing through the games, and that helps!

    • Tim F. says:

      That is how the characters talk in the games as well so it has nothing to do with Commie I played Hyper Dimension Neptunia Victory and the characters talk like that still

  7. jay says:

    @zaton yea its a standalone so you don’t need to play the games to enjoy it.

  8. Tim F. says:

    Are you guys gonna do the Blurays for Neptunia?

  9. Elf says:

    Thanks, been waiting for this

  10. vid says:

    Thanks for doing the lord’s work Commie.
    Can’t wait to watch console wars: anime girl edition.

  11. VanFinale says:

    This is going to be so dumb, can’t wait.

  12. The Speedwagon Foundation says:

    So you get money from a software developer to do a videogame anime, but then make it all about sex.
    Well played Studio David, well played.

    • DxDark says:

      …if you’d played the games you’d know they make constant sexual jokes…so I’m sure this is spot on either way.

  13. Lock says:

    Can anyone provide me the japanese lyrics of the opening? >.<