Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation – PVs

PV1 | PV2

As you might imagine, we’re subbing this anime. (And we’re not looking for a translator for it.)

Special thanks to Futsuu and Nanu for translating, and Haidaraaaaa for typesetting wizardry.

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33 Responses to “Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation – PVs”

  1. stgmefly says:

    I’ll be waiting

  2.  says:

    god this looks shit

  3. Majin3 says:

    >using dub names

    Looking forward to it.

  4. Catastrophe says:

    oh its a spinoff… MIGHT take it then
    >is still halfway on mk2 and doesnt like spoilers

  5. Floris257 says:

    Looks fun, will definitely watch this :P Also, nicely done on the typesetting! It looks good ^^

  6. ke says:

    Will you be doing Danga Ronpa?

  7. erejnion says:

    Welp, this looks like utter shit.

    Will watch it definitely.

  8. Kebap says:

    Will there be two subtitle tracks including the far superior “NISA Translations”?

  9. Croix says:

    Cant wait for this anime. Got all 3 games as collectors edition.
    Even if its an original story based on the games, its still gonna be awesome…
    More IF + Nep + Noire :3

  10. Laxx says:

    Out of a clear blue sky it’s raining .. happiness

  11. bbo says:

    was the artist for that image drunk or something?

    check the legs of the lead character (the center girl with the purplish hair and a single d-pad hairpin).
    her panties and legs are totally escher-esque.

  12. Kamui says:

    Nepgear is my waifu <3

  13. wiz says:

    >megami no chikara misete ageru wa

    >I’ll show you how powerful a goddess can be

    I think that “witness the power of a goddess” fits it better man, and I don’t even know nipponese.

  14. redstar says:

    I heard that Rie Tanaka got attacked by a guy with a knife over this.

  15. Soeroah says:

    Sweet, looking forward to it!

    A pity some people seem to be so incapable of allowing others to enjoy stuff they like that they have to be idiots about it, but oh well. All they really wind up doing is giving the series more references to male.

    • Soeroah says:

      Yesss, I’ve been wanted translations to the Neptunia songs for ages now! Pity you can’t do the game’s openings, too, but thanks for doing the previews!

  16. The Speedwagon Foundation says:

    I bet the guys at studio David got frustrated by having to draw so many muscly men and need to follow the great nippon tradition of exclusively animating really bouncy boobs for a change.
    And that mad console money ofcourse.

    Looks like cliche waifu garbage, but I expect this series will rise or fall based on it’s comedy, so will definitely check it out whenever it’s released.

  17. Kyhz says:

    Dear David Prod,
    Please make JoJo part 3 instead. Or Ben-to s2.
    Thank you.

    • Dragoon Luna says:

      Dear Kyhz,

      Please understand your going to have to wait. This anime is being produced to raise money for your JoJo anime to have better animation.

      Give the fans who actually like this series a chance because Japan, who run the anime business, have the final say in what goes, and this has been in planning for about a year now. Be patient, this anime will be getting 23 episodes. Not gonna change. Get over it.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

  18. Jaybee says:

    Wait, what? Why did no one tell me this was happening?!

    I can’t decide if this is incredible or incredibly stupid, but I’m gonna ride this train all the way to the end either way.

  19. Fag It says:

    my body is ready